Friday Funny 69: Fun at Christmas (Times 6)

>> Friday, January 01, 2010

1. One of Pharmie’s young cousins got a nice pair of homemade maxi pad sandals for Christmas:

2. Long story short: Pharmie unknowingly dropped a bra and a pair of panties in the snow at her folks. When she got back there later in the day, her brothers had “decorated” the family tree with her unmentionables:

3. Mike and I played pool at the Trio’s. We made sure to abide by Grandpa’s rules for the pool table that he wrote on a shelf in the closet:

4. My in-laws are planning a trip to Florida this winter. So “Santa” (my mother-in-law) left a present under the tree for my father-in-law, who’s a rugged diesel mechanic and employed by the city to maintain their huge generators (among other things). I’ve never seen him laugh so hard as when he was opening this gift! He was crying! “Santa” had gotten him a purple Speedo to wear in Florida:

Like father-in-law, like son-in-law. Ha!

5. This one is less of a “funny” and more of a “you’re going to hate me.” The Sugoi PR person who sends me fun things to try out now and then told me that she had some stuff in Pharmie’s size. I told her that I’d surprise Pharmie with her goodies as a Christmas present from her “secret admirer.” Pharmie had no idea who it was really from:

Inside she found a 2 piece Sugoi Tri Suit, a pair of Sugoi Compression Tights, and 2 boxes of Gu:

Needless to say, she was thrilled! In fact, Pharmie loved it so much, that she MAY have alluded to being OK with a three-way with the PR person! And the PR person is female, so we’re NOT even talking about a devil’s three-way! Happy New Year to ME!! ;)

6. Last but not least, Pharmie got me a GREAT Christmas present! It’s a bike jersey that looks like a leisure suit! How sweet is this:

The best thing is that it unzips past my belly-button. I’m a hot-body, so this will be a nasty, sweaty, nappy mess great way to cool down!

I wore it to my spin class yesterday, and it was a hit! Expect to see this jersey at a few races this next year...

Happy 2010!!

(Oh, and if you haven’t stopped by in a few days, make sure to scroll down to Tuesday’s post to REALLY get a good laugh!)


tri_al 7:04 AM, January 01, 2010  

omg that bike jersey is illegal in most parts of the world!

Adam 11:27 AM, January 01, 2010  

i love it! Maybe your father in law can do some guest posts as "diesel mechanic in a speedo"

CoachLiz 1:17 PM, January 01, 2010  

OMG! Your bike jersey reminds me of a race shirt a local race gave away two years ago that looked like a western shirt with all the fancy stitching on the yoke (of a person swimming, biking, and running) and the pockets on the front with the "pearl" buttons.

The race director was so proud of that shirt and he brought up the topic at the pre-race meeting of how awesome it was and didn't everyone agree. You could have heard crickets the athletes were so quiet. ROTFL!!

Only a Speedo wearing stud like yourself could pull off that jersey with flair.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous,  1:39 PM, January 01, 2010  

Nice, but to be really sleazy you need a cheap, mood medallion glittering among those chest hairs....

In lieu of that, you must have a few race medals lying around the house....

Yeah, just the thing....

Very 70s....

amybee 4:23 PM, January 01, 2010  

Happy New Year to you and Pharmie!

Your grandpa was kind of a spoil sport, no?

Love the bike jersey! Very YOU

Julie 9:51 AM, January 03, 2010  

Bike jersey is amazzzzzing! Tell me if you ever see one with giraffes on it, it's my mission in life to find one. haha.

Anonymous,  1:46 AM, January 04, 2010  

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

trimybest 8:17 AM, January 04, 2010  

Wow I'm officially jealous of your leisure suit jersey! That seriously kicks ass!

Anonymous,  12:13 PM, January 04, 2010  

Hey hey now! I'll be in my tent in SF should all want to get that threesome going! ;)

Glad she liked her Sugoi swag!!

sRod 6:59 AM, January 24, 2010  

That's the best bike top I've ever seen!

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