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>> Sunday, November 22, 2009

I haven’t been doing much for workouts lately. It’s sort of “that time of year” where you’re supposed to take some time off and let your body heal up a little. The problem is that I like to race, so I end up taking some time off only to jump right into some race that my body might not be ready for. So that sort of un-does all of the good things that taking time off does for a body. D’oh.

My regular workouts over the last 2 weeks (since the Tesfa 5K and bike ride) have been mostly strength and core - those are a winter focus for me.

Mon, Nov 9: Upper body weights and core work.
Tues, Nov 10: Nothing.
Wed, Nov 11: Upper body weights, lots of leg work, and core work.
Thurs, Nov 12: Nothing.
Fri, Nov 13: Nothing.
Sat, Nov 14: 8 miles of running with Pharmie in Long Beach, California. Because I recently did those two 10 mile races, 8 miles is TOTALLY a fine distance for me to be running. However, without sounding mean, I can’t go that distance at Pharmie’s pace. My heel will get sore not because of MILES, but because of TIME running. Eight miles for me takes well under an hour. But with Pharmie, we were running for about 1:20, so that “angered” my heel a bit. Oops. But it was worth it to get out and explore Long Beach by foot!

Sun, Nov 15: Nothing.
Mon, Nov 16: Upper body weights and core work.
Tues, Nov 17: Nothing.
Wed, Nov 18: Upper body weights and core work. Then intervals in the pool (to get ready for the upcoming indoor tri). I did 10 x 50 (with 12 seconds rest) with a 41.3 / 50 yard average. Then I took a 3 minute break before finishing with 5 x 100 (with 22 seconds rest) with a 1:35.8 / 100 yard average.
Thurs, Nov 19: Nothing.
Friday, Nov 20: Just core.
Sat, Nov 21: Rest for today’s tri.

Yesterday, I taught an 8 hour “documenting your work” workshop for high-schoolers who needed to learn how to photograph (and then digitally “correct”) their work to apply to an art college. So I spent a lot of time awkwardly hunched over a camera, so my legs are tired and sore today. (Then again, when DON’T I do things “awkwardly?”) We’ll see how far I can go at the indoor tri!!

Hannah, from the CVA Triathlon Club, is going with me to the tri. She did an indoor tri in March, a 4 mile road race in July, and a sprint triathlon in July (all with the CVA Tri Club). Here’s Hannah half done with the run at the Chisago Lakes Triathlon a few months ago:

So she’s an old pro at all this by now, so I'm sure she'll do great! I’m off to pick her up in a few minutes. Wish us luck!! I’ll be back tomorrow morning with our race report!!


Missy 8:15 AM, November 22, 2009  

OH fun, taking someone else to a race, nice! Enjoy it and cheer loudly, yeah, I know you will.

Frayed Laces 10:00 AM, November 22, 2009  

I don't buy into that "time of the year to take off" crap. I say keep training so you can look like a badass while your competition gets flabby and soft

00kate 11:59 AM, November 22, 2009  

If you feel good, why take the time off? Not to say that you shouldn't rest up a bit if you need it or if your body needs it - recovery is definitely important - but if you're feeling strong and want to race, I think you're better off keeping up your training and going into the races prepared than otherwise.

Good luck today!

GoBigGreen 12:40 PM, November 22, 2009  

2 weeks. OFF. Totally OFF. no pace no heart rate monitor..nothing. Just sayin....:)

Coach Liz 9:19 PM, November 22, 2009  

Ok, I'm just a coach so I ask these things. I'm not badgering but I am trying to find the focus.

1. What do you want to do in your "off season" that will pay off for your next racing season?

2. Is the strength training you are doing now going to be continued once your tri/run training season gets underway or are you just lifting because you like to lift?

3. How long do you intend to be in your "off season"? Do you have a date on the calendar when your training begins again?

4. What do you feel your limiter is? Do you have a plan on how to work on it to see improvements?

5. What injuries or nagging aches and pains do you have and how can they be addressed in the "off season"?

6. How often to you do things that are restorative to the body such as massage, yoga, eating non-processed foods, 8 hours of sleep on a consistent basis, walking, etc.?

7. Do you have plans for activities in the "off season" that are outside of swimming, biking, and running such as skiing, hiking, ice skating, tennis, or couch surfing?

All of these items are things that you need to think about so that you have some focus for your Off Season. You should also think about writing these things down and posting them somewhere to remind yourself that if you wanted to couch surf and watch more foot ball or if you wanted bigger biceps, you could stay on track.

Have fun in the Off Season, but have a plan.

Liz :0)

sRod 1:46 PM, December 04, 2009  

I'm kinda in a forced rest mode now and hate it. I need to get onthe road again.

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