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>> Sunday, November 08, 2009

Yesterday, after running the Tesfa 5K, I joined Matt and Pharmie for a nice 32 mile ride down the Gateway Trail. (Note: my Tesfa 5K report will be up tomorrow.) This ride was not for speed - it was simply to enjoy the great 64 degree November afternoon!

Pharmie and I biked to Matt’s place, grabbed Matt, and headed to the start of the Gateway. Here they are a couple miles down the trail:

Matt showing some power

Pharmie working hard

We paused for photos at the North St. Paul Snowman, which is right along the trail:

We came home, cooked for a bit (chicken and pasta, pumpkin “flesh,” pumpkin bars, and “spaghetti bake”), and then headed to a bonfire for the evening. Yes, those are about 12 foot flames:

What a great day: a 5K, a bike ride, good food, and a bonfire with friends! Stop on by tomorrow for my Tesfa 5K race report!


Shannon 8:04 AM, November 08, 2009  

Looks like a fun ride~I'm a little scared of that bonfire. ;)

Regina 8:29 AM, November 08, 2009  

The only thing missing on the list was beer. A bonfire needs beer.

That bike path looks great!! what a nice day.

Badgergirl 10:12 AM, November 08, 2009  

That's an impressive fire.

Borsch 12:32 PM, November 08, 2009  

Looks like a fun ride! Sorry I had to miss it!

Rainmaker 12:37 PM, November 08, 2009  

Nicely done on the 5K win - and nice new blog look (I hadn't noticed it before now).

CoachLiz 4:32 PM, November 08, 2009  

I guess the foam rolling and the arnica helped get you to that first place finish. Did you win something cool like 5 lbs of kilbasa or a left-over bag of halloween candy?

Trishie 6:47 PM, November 08, 2009  

can you believe this amazing weather?! what a great day !

X-Country2 8:13 PM, November 08, 2009  

What a great way to spend a weekend.

Mario 6:47 AM, November 09, 2009  

I grew up in N.St.Paul--I haven't seen the snowman in YEARS!

Sara 1:14 PM, November 10, 2009  

ok...I have to ask. What the hell is pumpkin flesh and why would you eat it?

Steve Stenzel 1:43 PM, November 10, 2009  

Sara: I guess I'm trying to say we cooked some pumpkins. Then we scooped out the "flesh" and froze it for use in upcoming breads, bars, pies, etc.

Yeah, it sounded weird!

sRod 5:09 PM, November 12, 2009  

Sounds like it was a great day!

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