14 Days of Nothing: Day 3: Three More Meals

>> Sunday, November 29, 2009

1. Saturday AM: “Tom and Jerry’s” at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. It’s like Eggnog, but SO MUCH better. It’s like sex in your mouth. But without the unpleasant KY aftertaste.

2. Saturday Noon: Thanksgiving meal at Grandpa and Grandma’s.

3. Saturday PM: Thanksgiving meal at Pharmie’s family’s house. (Steak and shrimp!!)

So I think all that eating counts as “rest.” Rest for everything but my fork arm...

Oh, and one last food-related thing: Chris at 10:10Wellness is revamping his site and his store. If you need some of his Monkey Shake (my “go to” recovery drink over the last 6 months), you can use the coupon code monkeysteve to get 20% off of any Monkey Shake order. Click here to learn more about the Monkey, and click here to order.


Kristin Bradfield 10:21 AM, November 29, 2009  

I could use one less meal myself this weekend. Keep enjoying the Days of Nothing!

Coach Liz 10:04 PM, November 30, 2009  

Ok, that "Tom and Jerry" thing sounds good but why am I feeling shame for wanting to have one?

sRod 12:06 PM, December 10, 2009  

I'm trying to leave a witty comment, but I just don't think I can top that first sentence.

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