14 Days of Nothing: Day 2: “New Flavor” Gu

>> Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another great package came in the mail from my new BFF (a PR person that works with SUGOi and Gu).

In the package was a GoLite DriMove BL-3 Longsleeve Zip, which should be a good for some cold weather MN winter running! (Once my “14 Days of Nothing” is over...)

There were also a few Gu gels at the bottom: some Roctane, some Gingerbread Gu, and 2 that looked like this:

Now I’ve been known to take risks, but when the Gu is labeled “New Favor,” I THINK I need more information before trying that. ;) I e-mailed my BFF from the PR company, and she wrote back:

The "new flavor" is called Jet Blackberry. You might be, outside of the GU and the PR crew, the first to get your hands on it. Welcome to the family bud.

Sweet!! I’m honored!! Even though I’m taking 2 weeks off from any real physical activity, I HAD to try it right away. It was a little thicker than regular Gu, but it tasted like candy!! Really!! So I decided that it was the boost I needed to go do some core work.

Thanks for the goodies, BFF!! As Fergie says, they’re “T-t-t-tasty, tasty!”


Maria 7:58 AM, November 28, 2009  

wow, congrats on making the family, you are in a position that many would love to be in! be sure to keep us posted on how the longsleeve zip worked!

RunningLaur 8:03 AM, November 28, 2009  

That's crazy! I would have been scared too.

D 1:29 PM, November 28, 2009  

I think it's "tastay, tastay". Fergie would be so disappointed in you <--- HUGE compliment ;)

Jennifer P 2:31 PM, November 28, 2009  

I've heard of mystery meat, but this is new. What's the caffeine levels in those?

CoachLiz 8:03 PM, November 28, 2009  

Dude, I will need that around mile 16.5 on the run leg in Cozumel tomorrow! I will need jets to get me through the las ten miles of the marathon!

Kristin Bradfield 10:27 AM, November 29, 2009  

That gingerbread actually sounds pretty tasty.

The Boring Runner 9:18 AM, November 30, 2009  

Blackberry sounds GOOD. I still haven't opened my gingerbread from TCM - I figured it had to be after thanksgiving before I would let myself.

sRod 12:53 PM, December 07, 2009  

That sounds mighty tasty--I think it might be a flavor that GU can pull off (vs. tri-berry, which tastes like ass).

Anonymous,  11:03 AM, December 11, 2009  

Now how do we get to be friends with your BFF too?

I never get free stuff! (unless the free stuff is in form of pens that don't work).

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