Friday Funny 62: Google Suggestions

>> Friday, November 13, 2009

Now excuse me while I Google “Why are Americans afraid of dragons” and “Why does my husband wear panties.” Inquiring minds need to know! ;) Happy weekend!


Jamie 8:02 AM, November 13, 2009  

You missed a really good one. If you type in just "what are" the first suggestion is "what are these strawberries doing on my nipples i need them for the fruit salad."

cdnhollywood 8:04 AM, November 13, 2009  

All hail the mighty Google!

Shannon 8:05 AM, November 13, 2009  

I love a little helpful advice from Google!

Dave 8:10 AM, November 13, 2009  

You should type "Why won't" and take a look at the top suggestion. Thanks for the laughs.

Kim 8:15 AM, November 13, 2009  

so what, i have questions about my poop?! :) these are funny, thanks for the laughs!

Christopher Hawes 8:20 AM, November 13, 2009  

Very, very funny and brillant

Keith 8:30 AM, November 13, 2009  

Well, that certainly was my morning smile! Ever look up your blog stats to find out what search terms people have used to find your blog? It can be very scary.

JP Severin 8:53 AM, November 13, 2009  

you made me nearly pee myself.

Calyx Meredith 9:09 AM, November 13, 2009  

How did people entertain themselves before Google? Love Fridays at your blog.

Greenking17 "TRI-harder" 9:55 AM, November 13, 2009  

#1 comment...Jamie...I laughed just as hard at that! Thanks, and I love strawberries even more now. Steve..great Friday funnies as usual.

Trishie 10:47 AM, November 13, 2009  

Can google do any wrong? I THINK NOT!

sRod 12:27 PM, November 13, 2009  

I love these. I wonder why they're making the rounds around the internets lately?

Dan D. 3:51 PM, November 13, 2009  

Great stuff as usual! As for the "why won't" suggestion from above, having gone through three parakeets, I nevered wondered that!

CoachLiz 4:47 PM, November 13, 2009  

Gosh, I have a lot to catch up on after I get this Ironman thingy out of the way.

T 5:22 PM, November 13, 2009  

"why is my poop green?" maybe said person ate a black cherry icee.

not that i'd know that from experience or anything. nope.

Julie @ ROJ Running 9:28 PM, November 13, 2009  

Once at work I started to type 17yo girl (for a news story on someone who just died) and it came up AT WORK mind you something like 17 yo girl nude photos. NICE not getting fired at all

Missy 8:15 AM, November 14, 2009  

Some great suggestions and poop should always float..if you have enough fiber!

Diana 8:36 AM, November 15, 2009  

This was hilarious, and yes poop does float with fiber-experienced!
Did you ever type your own name in and see what comes up??? That's kind of scary!

Ulyana 8:19 PM, November 16, 2009  

why are americans afraid of dragons???????


kerrie 11:43 PM, November 16, 2009  

that is too funny cause we were actually doing this the other night and got the one that jamie mentioned as well as "why doesn't my parakeet eat my diarhhea...".

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