Talking to Myself for Today's Race

>> Sunday, October 04, 2009

Start off easy. You’ll know around mile 3 or 4 how much harder you can start pushing.

Mile 5-10 is your training grounds. “This is my forest.” You know the intricacies of this land. Use it. Go.

Don’t walk. A few seconds of walking through a water stop is OK. But no more.

It’s gonna hurt. But you won’t die. So push.



Just push.

As XT4 reminded me, “There is no spoon.”

Toenails die. But they grow back.

Blisters form. But they pop.

Vomit spews. But that makes more room for finish line goodies.

I can’t hear this song and not receive goosebumps. It’s going to be in my head for the race. It’s not a very “pump you up” song. But imagine me running at mile 8 in super slow-mo to the part of the song between 2:53 - 3:25. (The part of the song whored out in that stupid current pop/R&B song.) Epic. Beautiful.

I wish the best possible race for Pharmie and Borsch (both doing the marathon). And I'm nervous for Pharmie's family doing the 10 Mile for the first time with me: Jean, Stevan, Gretchen, Nancy, John, Lisa, Steph, Matt, and Jen - I wish all of you the best possible time! Good luck!

OK. Let's Race.


trimybest 5:03 AM, October 04, 2009  

Good luck with your kick ass goal! Ill be cheering you on at the start and if all goes well I will see some farm animals in st paul well before noon!

Have a great run everyone!

Maria 8:15 AM, October 04, 2009  

good luck to everyone! can't wait to hear how it goes!

Missy 8:38 AM, October 04, 2009  

Can't wait for a race report...

Regina 9:57 AM, October 04, 2009  

LOVE that song, it is one of my all time favorites. I haven't heard the whored out version yet.

Good luck!!!!

Kelly 11:37 AM, October 04, 2009  

Yes. I love that song. I can't believe they sampled it for that stupid song!

Chad 8:36 PM, October 04, 2009  

Hope you had a great race. Waiting for the report.

Jeff Vanis 8:37 PM, October 04, 2009  

Thanks for your support at the end, I got stuck on the other side of the road and saw you but at the last minute and I was pretty focused on getting to the finish line. Beat my "this is the absolute best I can hope for" goal for the marathon, 4:15 with my 4:12 chip time

Missy 8:52 PM, October 04, 2009  

Duuuuude, 1:02!!! Nice job, way to go, details, need details!

GoBigGreen 9:07 PM, October 04, 2009  

I really like that song too, Steve. I am really proud of you. You did GREAT! Hope to see you soon. Pool sometime? yea!

Darcy Franklin 9:17 PM, October 04, 2009  

So that is why I didn't see my favorite farm animals at mile 15! Good job today!

Velma 12:10 AM, October 05, 2009  

Nice time!! wAY TO ROCK IT

Coach Liz 7:16 AM, October 05, 2009  

Ok, Missy gave it away...but how did it go???

Waiting for the race report.

Anonymous,  1:10 PM, October 05, 2009  

We'll overlook your deficiencies as critic, on account of your beautiful gross feet....

sRod 11:13 AM, October 12, 2009  

Good pep talk. Catching up.

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