Double Race-Day COMPLETE!!

>> Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a quick note: Pharmie and I are home and relaxing after a successful day of racing!!

Me taking a “#2” pre race at the Monster Dash 10 Mile

Pharmie resting after finishing the “Surf the Murph” 50K Trail Run!

We both PRed!! I’ll be back with a race report probably on Monday. Happy Trick-or-Treating!


B,  6:42 PM, October 31, 2009

Nice work Steve!

Nat 8:57 PM, October 31, 2009  

You guys are AWESOME!!

triguyjt 11:39 PM, October 31, 2009  

Way to Go Pharmie!!

Bill 3:20 AM, November 01, 2009  

Smokin' time, Steve!

Way to go, Pharmie!!! You'll get sucked in now. ;^)

Shannon 6:34 AM, November 01, 2009  


You two are the "power" couple!

Unknown 7:08 AM, November 01, 2009  

Congrats! I look forward to hearing about the new race strategy ;)

Trishie 7:37 AM, November 01, 2009  

Am I reading the caption of that first photo correclty?? only you, Steve...

Steve Stenzel 7:56 AM, November 01, 2009  

Yes, Trishie, you are... I didn't get too unbundled because it was cold!! But I assure you, I was pantsless while doing my deed in that photo. ;)

Georgia Snail 11:48 AM, November 01, 2009  

Great photo of you dropping the kids off at the pool....

Oz Runner 10:26 PM, November 01, 2009  

props to both of you on the PR's!

sRod 3:41 PM, November 06, 2009  

Still holding up the standard for TMI. Well done the both of you.

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