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>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Call me a sellout. I don’t care. But when a company contacts me and says they’ll send me some free gear if I just write about it (just honest writing, not necessarily positive), I say “yes.” In fact, I say “F*ck yes!”

Devon with Outside PR first contacted me back in May. She wanted to send me a Sugoi Velocity tri suit. “F yes!” was my response. You’ve seen me race in that suit at a duathlon, 3 triathlons, and 2 “splash and dash” events since May. (All of those race reports and/or photos can be found in my sidebar under “2009 event schedule.”) Remember that suit?.... Here it is during the Chisago Lakes Triathlon:

(I wrote an official review [pointing out “pros and cons”] on the tri suit about 2 months ago. Click here to see the review.)

Then, about 6 weeks ago, she sent some more goodies. This time, it was a Sugoi Velocity tri top and tri shorts! I wore them for the first time on back-to-back days. Here I am racing the “Get Ready to Rock 10K” in the tri top:

And then the next day, Pharmie and I were out at Ironman Wisconsin to volunteer. Knowing I’d get wet helping out as a “wetsuit stripper,” I wore the tri shorts for the first time. Here’s Pharmie and I BOTH rockin’ our Sugoi tri shorts as we strip this fella of his wetsuit:

See the Sugoi logo on both of our legs?...

And just last week, one more great package came from Devon. It contained some “Gu Electrolyte Brew” which I’m excited to try...

...and some Gingerbread Gu (which Pharmie’s excited to try) and some Roctane gels (which I’ve started to use before/during races this year):

Roctane is more expensive than regular Gu, but it’s because it has more “good” things in it. And I totally buy it. It seems to hold back muscle fatigue a little. Really. Here’s more on Roctane if you’re interested. It’s like liquid crack.

She also sent a Sugoi bike jersey that she knew would be a little too big for me. Here it is:

I like the 3 pockets in the back that each have a bottle of beer coming out of them:

It’s just a little big on me, so I think I’ll re-gift it to my brother-in-law. Matt, I hope I draw your name for Christmas! You’ll know what to be expecting!! (Matt likes to drink, so I think he’ll like it!)

She sent these final 3 things from Sugoi: a “Tuke” hat, carbon long sleeve zip, and compression tights:

She didn’t send the cat -
we just happened to have a black one to match.

For the record, Kermit didn’t care much for the Tuke:

Pharmie wanted me to step outside to show the snow that was still lingering around. And she told me to breathe out when she made the photo, so yes, that “haze” around my head is my breath...

...and yes, those are my nipples.

I haven’t had a chance to wear the “carbon long sleeve zip” top for a run yet. It’s REALLY soft and “cozy” (as Pharmie would say). I like the nearly-hidden zipper that’s less likely to catch on skin or chest hair:

I HAVE had a chance to do a 6 mile tempo run in the compression tights (they are called “Piston 200 Tight” BTW).

A few thoughts on compression technology: The idea is that you can use compression garments for recovery or for racing. They help promote blood flow after a hard workout or race, so wearing them afterwards will “flush” out your legs and make them feel fresher sooner. Or you can wear them during a workout/race because they claim to hold everything in place a little more. That way, those TINY little muscles that usually need to strain to hold muscles in place while running don’t need to work as hard, and instead more energy can be put into larger muscles to make you go faster. Or so goes my understanding of the theory...

So on my 6 miler, I learned something. I do NOT have large calves. Mine are quite small in fact. (Thanks Mom for those genes.) But when I wore these Sugoi compression tights, I realized that my calves usually bounce around A LOT during a run! I felt them being held in place, and it was a new sensation! Overall, the tights worked really well, and I hope to wear them for the Monster Dash 10 Mile in 2.5 weeks! Maybe I’ll be able to wear that whole outfit above.

One last thing: Pharmie and I noticed something about the packaging for the compression tights:

I noticed that man has FREAKISHLY large quads!! Pharmie noticed that man has FREAKISHLY large man-bits!! So then we tried to re-create the large “man bump” with a rolled up t-shirt. This was the best we came up with:

Pretty close. Pretty darn close. ;)


Shannon 4:23 AM, October 14, 2009  

Great reviews....but wow-is that really a t-shirt or are you just happy to see me?

That was bad....I know..

Jumper 2.0 4:56 AM, October 14, 2009  

I like Sugoi products and thanks for the reviews. For the right price I would buy them. I remember when I first joined the Minnesota Tri Club they were starting to use LG cuz they were tired of the poor service by Sugoi. Of course this is different than going to the store and purchasing a product but still, that has always left a bit of an impression with me. That top rocks, if Matt doesn't want it......;-)

Anonymous,  7:06 AM, October 14, 2009  

Entertaining reviews! All the new gear looks very stylish and fun! How was the gingerbread gu?

Lindsay 7:47 AM, October 14, 2009  

...dear lord....


gotta love sugoi, and devon, and gu! :) i am excited to try the new gingerbread gu too.

Nat 8:07 AM, October 14, 2009  

I love the picture of Kermit! Sugoi has great stuff, I love it and use a lot of it too!

GoBigGreen 8:37 AM, October 14, 2009  

I wear a sugoi top (ladies) with a hoodie and it is great. I swear by their cycling shorts as well- save me a roctane or better yet let's do an expt and you take one when we swim and see how your 100 pr is!

Maria 8:48 AM, October 14, 2009  

love the flip flops in the outside snow/smokey head shot.

libgyrl 9:03 AM, October 14, 2009  

Nice going...say remember me if they ask you about a femme reviewer! ;)

Wonder if there is an official job: "sports advertising bits-stuffing specialist"? You'd have to have a whole case full of...rolled up shirts?

xt4 10:13 AM, October 14, 2009  

I love the Sugoi stuff, and seriously if anybody on the interwebs is deserving of this kind of brand love, it's you. So that says something about how dope the people at Sugoi are as well, that they get that. So good on you, all around.

Ali 10:15 AM, October 14, 2009  

I love my sugoi shorts, they are my favs.

Very impressive use of rolled up t-shirt!

X-Country2 10:16 AM, October 14, 2009  

I knew that last picture was coming. :o)

Jenna 10:22 AM, October 14, 2009  

You never fail to entertain me!! You and Pharmie kill me - the stuff you do in your spare time is hilarious!!!

I am with Pharmie - i noticed the man parts:)

Regina 11:05 AM, October 14, 2009  

Seriously. I am rolling on the floor with laughter. I'm sorry, but the repro of the package pic comes up woefully short. Still though, nice attempt. As for that bike jersey, I want it! Even if it is too large, I LOVE, I mean LOVE Hefeweizen beer!

You are the king of swag, my friend.

Carolina John 11:42 AM, October 14, 2009  

your fake man-bump and tiny calves will now give me nightmares steve. thanks for that.

send me the contact info for the guy at Outiside PR. I've been trying to get in touch with them for a while.

after you reviewed the sugoi, i went out and bought one. then wanted to abuse my blog to get more stuff for free.

Missy 12:17 PM, October 14, 2009  

Nice package, I mean, quads. What's up with that freak of nature on the package for crying out loud? Sheesh, he makes me cry;)

sRod 1:52 PM, October 14, 2009  

Sugoi does have a knack for finding models with the largest quads imaginable. (Have you seen their catalogs?)

As for the man bits part. Gosh I hope your neighbors didn't see this. Although, by now, I'm guess they don't get shocked anymore.

CoachLiz 2:23 PM, October 14, 2009  

I'm surprised at Jumper 2.0's comment about the tri club switching to LG from Sugoi.

I did the opposite. LG screwed me over on two orders and could not deliver the orders on time for a big race. I had sent them LOTS of money and I had to work hard to get the money back rather than letting them try to "make it better" with the same incompetant sales rep.

I switched to Sugoi and I have been very pleased. Great product, great service, and great people and they are on-time with orders. I will be racing in Sugoi gear at IM Cozumel. I am glad that you are getting to sample their incredible gear.

Melissa 2:32 PM, October 14, 2009  

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This whole post had me cracking up. Thanks for a good laugh Steve.

Danica 2:46 PM, October 14, 2009  

Ummm I'll take some tights! :) You never cease to crack me up :) nice post as usual

{will run for margaritas} 3:06 PM, October 14, 2009  

This is a great review - and I LOVE Sugoi, they have *great* gear (ps - how do I get some free swag?? ha!)

I love the pictures of you in the tights - HILARIOUS re-creation! Too funny!!!

Incredible Jane 5:58 PM, October 14, 2009  

Oh my... I thought my pictures on my website were "skimpy" enough in SUGOI gear - this is just hilarious.

Gu gave me a whole bunch of products to try too, but I haven't tried the Gingerbread one. Sounds Christmasy.

Great blog! I'll have to repost your review from here on IncredibleJane.com when I do my product reviews - especially on compression!

B.o.B. 10:33 AM, October 15, 2009  

Thanks for going over the compression benefits. I have yet to use any compression anything and would love to give them a try.

That guy with the quads is no runner. You can't fool us.

Trishie 1:44 PM, October 15, 2009  

I want some free stuff! (maybe if I had some of your speed ;) ...)

Darcy Franklin 7:10 PM, October 15, 2009  

I just cramped up in my abs from laughing.

I think if you stood differently your re-creation would look a little bit similar. I mean, he is really sticking those man-bits out! And the fact that it says "Piston" on the bottom cracked me up as well. I guess I just have a dirty mind.

The Boring Runner 11:55 AM, October 16, 2009  

Bwaahahaha. I'm not sure what is more funny - the cat w/ the hat or the HUGE man bits. Probably the man bits because I am basically 12.

I just bought a bike and will probably break down and buy some 'gear' shortly. All of your reviews will be REALLY helpful! (I'm a sellout too, so any companies looking to offload any free stuff can contact me via my blog... hehe)

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