Friday Funny 60: Completely Random

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

I just have some random funnies today. Since tomorrow is Halloween, I thought I needed a Halloween funny. Hope this isn’t too offensive:

Wow. Just... wow.

(I like #8 and #2)
Direct Link on YouTube

Wish Pharmie and I luck at our races tomorrow morning!! (She’s doing her first 50K trail run, and I’m doing a 10 Mile [looking for a 10 mile PR]). Happy weekend!!


Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) 11:10 AM, October 30, 2009  

Funny, Funny! Happy Halloween and see you both tomorrow!

B.o.B. 11:13 AM, October 30, 2009  

Good luck and happy Halloween!

Carolina John 1:49 PM, October 30, 2009  

oh those are great steve! hahahaha

Good luck @ the races. 50k is a tough one.

Coach Liz 3:49 PM, October 30, 2009  

Good luck to you and Pharmie in the morning!

That first ad is wrong on so many levels, but it is very funny!

Julie @ ROJ Running 5:16 PM, October 30, 2009  

Yes to #8 and just the layout now done or is it a work in progress still?

Regina 5:29 PM, October 30, 2009 longer on our craigslist (I'm in NYC), too bad.

Love the homie one. I see that all the time here, it's crazy, stupid looking. I should post the rap video that I saw mocking that look. It's as bad as women wearing low slung jeans with their thongs showing (and I might add usually on a not so fine body).

good luck you two!

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