Workout Updates (and “Splash and Dash” Video)

>> Monday, August 03, 2009

• Friday: 6x800s while getting my recalled car fixed. Good use of time while waiting at the dealership. I ran on a bike trail along Cty Rd C between Cleveland and Fairview. Each was just shy of 800 meters. I gave myself 90 seconds rest. I ran them faster and faster (only because I ran my first 2 way too slow...):

- 2:47
- 2:40
- 2:36
- 2:33
- 2:28
- 2:26

Then I went back to pick up my car all smelly and sweaty.

• Saturday: hard 31 mile ride. First 10 were against the wind with a 18.1 mph average. Turning with the wind, my average BOLTED up: 19.8 at mile 20. Then I headed into downtown to scout for locations for an upcoming photoshoot. I got back home with 31 miles under my belt with about a 20.0 mph average.

• Sunday: 4.4 mile tempo run. Ran it HARD. Finished in 26:39, which is about 6:09 / mile. That makes my “TC 10 Mile” dream goal of 60 minutes seem like a far away wet dream. We’ll see what I can do over the next 2 months.

• Curt put together a quick video of the “Splash and Dash” that I did a few weeks back. He was the race director AND the videographer. Here’s the video. It’s awesomely awesome.

Direct link:

Personal Highlights:
- 0:42: I hit the water, realized it was still very shallow, and I popped up to run a little more.
- 1:04: I flash a “thumbs up” to the camera, but it’s sped up, so it’s hard to see.
- 1:25: I had to sit down to put on my shoes (shoes tied too tight and thumb still sore).
- 2:46: bad “swim cap hair”
- 3:45: I knew I had an awkward stride, and it’s even MORE awkward in slow-mo. Thanks Curt. Thanks a lot. ;) (But I WAS gaining on Jason!)
- 5:54: super epic super slow-mo finish for the last finisher!

• Tomorrow night is going to be my first Time Trial! I’m headed out to the 11 mile Tuesday Night Time Trial (TNT) after class tomorrow. Should be fun. Or 11 miles of hell. I don’t know. I’ll be back to let you know how it goes!

p.s. Check out my post from yesterday and add your 2 cents if you can. I’m trying to help a friend who has a less-than-supportive significant other. There’s been lots of good advice already!


Graham 8:48 AM, August 03, 2009  

What a great video...looks like you all had a great time and can't wait for the updates of the August 11th re-match!!

Renee 10:21 AM, August 03, 2009  

Can't wait to hear about the time trial! That sounds very cool. Have a blast!

X-Country2 10:37 AM, August 03, 2009  

What a cool video. I hope this event grows and grows.

Chic Runner 2:41 PM, August 03, 2009  

Good luck at the time trial, and that video is pretty sweet. Good luck in the rematch, you can dominate!

Regina 2:59 PM, August 03, 2009  

OMG! Do you have one of those Honda Accords that is "spitting shrapnel"?!

Great video, love the sped up speed swim, too funny,and the final slow-mo to the finish. good stuff!

The Boring Runner 5:36 PM, August 03, 2009  

Shouldn't it be TNTT? Tues night time trial?

That video is pretty cool. I need to find someone to follow me around w/ a video camera.

Jumper 2.0 8:45 PM, August 03, 2009  

Cool Vid!

At County C and Fairview you were only about an 800 from my house!

Steph 1:07 PM, August 04, 2009  

That is an awesome video!

Wish I could help with the friend/significant other issue. I don't have any new ideas from what has already been said, but I hope it all turns out ok.

Alisa 5:56 PM, August 04, 2009  

That was awesome! Yay for epic back of the packer finishes, 'cuz that'd be me.

Thanks for your comment on my tri report. I LOVED IT, I'm so hooked.

Becca 9:37 PM, August 05, 2009  

That video made my day. I was reading your commentary but I must say I wasn't quite expecting the dramatic were so close!

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