I Got “Chicked” at Square Lake

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

(Don’t think I’m being sexist. “Chicked” is the term for getting beat by a woman. I mean no disrespect by it.)

I met Kelly at the Y yesterday morning, and I hopped in her car. Thanks for the ride, Kelly! We rode out to Square Lake together. Side note: I just did a photo shoot for Kelly and her hubby Mike who have their own family law practice. How’s this for “lawyer-ie” and official looking:

So if you need a good lawyer, I can put you in touch with Kelly and Mike. Or if you need good headshots, talk to me. OK, end side note.

We met Julia and Kate out at the lake. (I’d never met Kate, but I’ve followed her blog. She was in town for just a day and a half as because her hubby was here on business.) Here’s Julia and Kelly:

And here’s Kate and I. And YES, I WAS wearing something - that’s just where Julia cropped the photo:

So it was just us and a few fishermen out there. Here’s an image that I took a few weeks back at Square Lake:

Looking at that image, we swam out to buoy #1 (near the swim raft), then off to buoy #2, and then half way to the next buoy which isn’t visible in that photo.

I kept up with those 3 until about half way out to the first buoy. Then I couldn’t keep up. These girls were PULLING me nicely! I couldn’t get nearly as fast as those 3! Nice work, ladies!! We turned around after 19 minutes, and we got back to shore in about 38 minutes. And I was bringing up the rear the whole time. I’d been positively chicked. Nice swim though!

Then we took some fun underwater photos with Kate’s waterproof camera - I’ll post those when I get them from Kate. Finally, we hit the shore and all the ladies stealthily took of their suits with a towel around their waists. Here’s Kate and Kelly once they’re done, and Julia still sitting and changing:

As we were ready to leave, Julia came running over to Kelly and I sitting in Kelly’s car. She had cupcakes for us!! Julia’s making a name for herself as the “cupcake lady...”

Thanks Julia!!

On the ride home, I told Kelly how I learned to swim from a DVD, and she told me I was a fast swimmer... for having learned from a DVD. ;) Back with underwater photos from the swim when I come across them, and I’ll have a Friday Funny tomorrow...


Greenking17 "TRI-harder" 7:25 AM, August 20, 2009  

the first paragraph had me wondering why you were meeting random girls at the 'Y' and gettign rides from them...then I figured it out! : )

Are you doing square lake this year or just St. Croix valley olympic?

GoBigGreen 7:56 AM, August 20, 2009  

My sister in law is the cupcake queen. Locals should know she lives in mpls and her goods will make you never want a storefront cake again!
Steve you did great ;) always entusiastic!

Maria 8:22 AM, August 20, 2009  

congrats on the chicking! it's an official initiation to becoming a 'real' man (aka a secure one)!

trimybest 8:37 AM, August 20, 2009  

On the ride home, I told Kelly how I learned to swim from a DVD,

hey steve i learned to swim from youtube! maybe thats what you should do since apparently youtube makes you a faster swimmer than a dvd! ;o)

did you also learn to run from a dvd? maybe you could let me borrow it!

libgyrl 8:46 AM, August 20, 2009  

Steve, so are there any "rules" for swimming at Square Lake? Many boats to worry about? Fill me in, I don't want to do another 2 miles around the buoys at Lake Nokomis! (Yummy looking cupcake, mmm)

Shannon 8:57 AM, August 20, 2009  

Seriously, Steve what the hell is wrong with the top of your cupcake? Did you actually lick it before the photo?

B.o.B. 9:04 AM, August 20, 2009  

Great swim. And way to own up to being chicked.

I have no idea what went on after the cupcake shot as I was licking the monitor. ;)

X-Country2 9:07 AM, August 20, 2009  

Very nice swim. And yes, girls would NEVER go into a portapotty to change. We mastered the art of changing under a towel looooon ago.

Kim 9:57 AM, August 20, 2009  

wohooo gooooo ladies!!!!! that cupcake looks awesome; julia needs to ship some of those up here!

Carolina John 11:07 AM, August 20, 2009  

sounds like a great swim! it's great to be challenged like that.

Lindsay 11:23 AM, August 20, 2009  

up until this post you always seemed fast to me... go girls! ;)

learning to swim from a dvd? sounds weird? and you really do seem like a fish to me so it's inconceivable that you didn't grow up on swim teams!

Marit C-L 11:45 AM, August 20, 2009  

I LOVE square lake! :) Beautiful!

Haven't met Kelly...but I'm a big fan of Julia and Kate. And I'm sure I would be a big fan of Kelly if I actually knew her :) NICE WORK out there! YEA! AND cupcakes afterwards? YUM. I would totally swim OW for those suckers.

NY Wolve 1:36 PM, August 20, 2009  

A sign of getting older (for me) was losing my ability never to be lapped on a track. I always had a competitive streak in me that would never let that happen. Alas..how I long for those salad days!

greyhound 1:43 PM, August 20, 2009  

Cropped schmopped. So far as I can tell, you're standing around naked with a divorce lawyer. You do know that Pharmie reads this blog, right?

JP Severin 7:03 PM, August 20, 2009  

sexy photo... Three years ago I got chicked by a girl and I used it as motivation to break through a plateau and duded her the next two years unbeknownst to her. She is going to go to the olympics some day and never will know my name, but I am eternally grateful.

Chic Runner 7:16 PM, August 20, 2009  

even if I'm just running the beach path. Passing guys makes me feel really good about myself. So thanks :)

Katie 8:31 PM, August 20, 2009  

Yuuuummmmm, cupcakes .... :)

TriGirl Kate O 9:37 PM, August 20, 2009  

Steve, it was a great morning! It was so nice to finally meet you in the flesh, but I was disappointed there weren't kitty-lick areas on your chest. Julia and Kelly had us working HARD--I was just trying to follow their bubbles! Thanks for sharing your beautiful, clear lake. Our OW swims are in a muddy river...

The Boring Runner 3:31 PM, August 25, 2009  

Wow, those professional pics look very - professional.

I really like the term "chicked". Unfortuantely, I am all too aware of the overall outcome.

sRod 5:14 PM, September 01, 2009  

Chicked isn't that bad. When you get "geriactricked," you know things are bad.

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