Friday Funny 50: Bike Performance

>> Friday, August 21, 2009

If you haven’t already seen this, turn up your volume and enjoy it:

Direct link:

Here’s video of 2 women doing AMAZING things on a bike!! I can hardly believe it!! These 2 are the "Pairs European Junior Indoorcycling Champions" for 2008 and 2009. Don't know what that is? I STILL don't know what that REALLY means, but watching this will give you a good idea. Enjoy:

Direct link:

Happy Friday!


Gabriel Losa 8:20 AM, August 21, 2009  

Performance, is the name of the game...
I haven´t seen it before... very funny!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

trimybest 9:32 AM, August 21, 2009  

common steve....everyone can dance on their bikes like that...are you saying you cant? how embarrassing for you! :)

CoachLiz 9:39 AM, August 21, 2009  

Hey! Did you nab that Performance video from my site, LOL!!!

And those gals are fantastic. Cirque du Soliel has an act in their Quidam show where a guy does this. I had no idea it was a judged sport. These gals will have a successful career running off with the Cirque if they want to go for it.

George Houston 9:51 AM, August 21, 2009  

Those two chicks on the bikes rock!

B.o.B. 10:09 AM, August 21, 2009  

How did you get my videos? JK

Thanks for posting these. They are a tremendous at work time waster. TGIF!

Maria 10:50 AM, August 21, 2009  

where the hell do you find a coach for that stuff? those girls were amazing!

Regina 12:07 PM, August 21, 2009  

Ok, the girls with the bike pumps in the background of video 1, hysterical!

the girls with the real bikes in video 2, amazing!

Lindsay 8:22 PM, August 21, 2009  

i wanna be a 'dancer' in that first vid! i think i can handle those moves.

the 2nd vid - no way in hell! i would have cracked my head open in the opening scene.

Unknown 9:04 PM, August 21, 2009  

Love video 1, it's been my new favorite for about a week. It's about time synchronized biking got popular!

Aka Alice 11:44 PM, August 21, 2009  

I'll never again complain about my seat being too uncomfortable. At least it's softer than straddling the handlebars!

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