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>> Thursday, August 27, 2009

(Note: my heel is feeling better since my Dr. Folske visit. It’s sore from the electricity, which Dr. Folske told me would happen, but it’s not sore from being injured. Last night, I went on a 7 mile run. The heel was good, but my time wasn’t super. I’m just happy my heel felt OK!)

Do any of you use any software or websites to track your mileage? I’m looking for recommendations. I have a Wellsphere account, but their mileage tracking sucks so I stopped using it - they only track your miles with no notes or time or pace, and you have to round it to the nearest mile! WTF?

Ideally, there’d be a website (or Mac-based downloadable software) where I can enter mileage, time, and make a small note about the workout. Same for biking and swimming. And it’d be great if it could keep track of other things too (stretching, core work, lifting weights, etc), but that might be asking too much.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks everyone!!


Sara 7:41 AM, August 27, 2009  

Try - you can keep track of distance & time and make notes. It can track your swim, bike , run, spin, strength, and whatever else! You can also sync it up with a Nike plus running account, and it keeps track of average pace and PRs.

Oh! It also lets you search for other althetes near you who might use it , so it's really good for networking too.

Priscilla,  8:16 AM, August 27, 2009  

You might want to try the training log at beginner triathlete:
I actually find all the possible data fields a little overwhelming and continue to use the training log at Runners World (they allow limited info on fitness activities other than running). I have been using the Runners World one for about a year now.

Steve Stenzel 8:18 AM, August 27, 2009  

Thanks Sara and Priscilla! I'll have to check those out!

Keep the suggestions coming! Thanks everyone!!

Anonymous,  8:30 AM, August 27, 2009

The free option works great as a log. If you pay for an account you can upload data from many of todays watches.

E-Speed 8:31 AM, August 27, 2009  

I use the nike training log. It isn't perfect but does what I need. Nice bonus is it tracks my shoe mileage too!

LoveOfShoes 8:32 AM, August 27, 2009  

I use Running Ahead and am totally obsessed with it- super customizable for your needs.

They have made wonderful upgrades that really lets you use it as a multi-sport log, not just running.

Also, you can now direct connect your Garmin, if you're a Garmin user.

Gabriel Losa 8:32 AM, August 27, 2009  

Have you tried

Coujones 8:33 AM, August 27, 2009  

I like because it does everything you want and a bit more.

Anonymous,  8:35 AM, August 27, 2009  

I use for running only... BUT you can use it for all types of sports I believe... running, biking for sure.

Kaeti 8:37 AM, August 27, 2009  

DAILYMILE. I love it. Well designed AND functional.

Nathaniel 8:39 AM, August 27, 2009  

I use training Peaks. I like it a lot. It has maps, you can upload all the data files from gps devices or power devices. Does cost money though.

Jim 8:42 AM, August 27, 2009  

I recommend

You can create a team there as well, tracking friends, etc.

Jen Feeny 8:45 AM, August 27, 2009  

I track all my training and map out all my routes with

Unknown 8:46 AM, August 27, 2009

You can track run/bike/swim as well as all sorts of other workouts. You can write notes (or even a mini blog entry), keep track of weather, it calculates calories, keep track of gear (as in running shoes you used or other stuff), also send and receive motivation and so much more ;}

Dave 8:47 AM, August 27, 2009  

Steve, you should try It's a site I've been using for years. They allow for tons of information to be entered into the logs, so you can be as detailed as you want to be.

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point 8:50 AM, August 27, 2009 is amazing - i love it. it has all the things you requested AND it automatically tweets your workouts.

Emily W 8:51 AM, August 27, 2009  

A 3rd vote for Don't let the name of the site fool you into thinking it's easy/lite/newbies only in any way. Lots of us start out there and stay for the long haul. The training log has been improved a lot over the years and will continue to be. In addition to the many data points you can track (or not), you can make cool graphs of your actual workouts, planned workouts, race analysis, etc. You can import your own plan or use theirs, if you upgrade to the one of the inexpensive memberships. And no, I don't work for them... If you decide to try it, stop by the Minnesota forum and say hi!

RunningLaur 8:54 AM, August 27, 2009  

I love SportTracks, but you may have to do a little bit of customization to add in the biking and swimming numbers.
I have a breakdown of some of the different programs here ( - but only for running. May be a quick reference for the big list of recommendations you're getting!

Ms. Caddywumpus 8:56 AM, August 27, 2009  

I use and run an iMac. I've never had an issue with compatibility. You can save routes (it even does elevation!) and make reports and all that. It's free, too!

And yes, you can find friends and comment on their workouts and vice versa. I love it!

Dan D. 8:56 AM, August 27, 2009  

I second I've been using it for quite a while now. Also, Not only do you log your miles, but you select a charity which benefits from each mile you log! Nice win/win.

Steve Miller 8:59 AM, August 27, 2009  

I can recommend:

Felice Devine 9:01 AM, August 27, 2009  

I use and LOVE it.

Kelly 9:05 AM, August 27, 2009  

My vote is for

Jennifer 9:11 AM, August 27, 2009  

I'm an Excel fan. With my own spreadsheet, I can set up my log exactly the way I want it. I found a couple online that people had posted for download. The one I ended up using was at I've been using it since January, and almost every month I've made a little tweak and I think I have just how I want it now! I'll e-mail you the files.

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" 9:17 AM, August 27, 2009  

I go a little over board. I use the Garmin 305 and download to ---

Garmin Training Center
Beginner Triathlete

I think that is it.

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" 9:18 AM, August 27, 2009  

I should also mention that I used to use and loved it.

Tim Hibbard 9:21 AM, August 27, 2009  

I use dailymile and buckeye outdoors. Both have their advantages. Dailymile is designed around the social (and narcissistic) aspects of working out. BuckeyeOutdoors allows for much more granular analysis of your works out, but much is much less social.

B.o.B. 9:26 AM, August 27, 2009  

I have nothing to offer, I just wanted to see what everyone else said. LOL!

trimybest 9:28 AM, August 27, 2009

its the best. its what my coach uses for me. its easy to use.

Velma 9:31 AM, August 27, 2009  

I vote trainingpeaks as well. I really like that you can track your weight sleeping habits etc. They also offer a great nutritional analysis program. It is free!!

Good luck and let us know what you end up using.

IronVince: IM WI 2009 and Beyond 9:37 AM, August 27, 2009  

I do use the nike+ software and it's nice to see pace broken down per run, but if I'm using the treadmill, I often will not have the Ipod Nano with me.

To get what you want, program it yourself into an excel spreadsheet.
I have my own training log in excel that I use to track planned and actual swim, bike, and run distances, pace/speed, weight, BMI. IF I had a power meter (Santa, are you reading this?) I would track power data too. I've also played around with tracking weight lifting and core routines. I keep a notes section for each day to add items of relevance, particularly nutrition plans. I also keep the file organized by year so I can compare back.

Spandex King 9:44 AM, August 27, 2009  

I really like I've used it for years for all three sports.

IronVince: IM WI 2009 and Beyond 10:04 AM, August 27, 2009  

Ok, just downloaded thinnmann's excel log. He's fancier than me. I have to play around with the spreadsheet. Looks cool, may be more info than I need, but he's got lots of good stuff in there.

Greenking17 "TRI-harder" 10:08 AM, August 27, 2009  

SWEAT365.COM without a doubt..check that out! The owner/operater is a 4 time ironman, biker, swimmer, runner who is passionate about the sport and very involved in his site! Very user friendly and linkable to your blog and FB page easily!

Ironman By Thirty 10:10 AM, August 27, 2009  

I like BuckeyeOutdoors as well for keeping my stuff online. I mainly use SportTracks though which interfaces with BuckeyeOutdoors and exports my workouts to their site. Unfortunately SportTracks is Windows only (runs under Parallels though), but there is a decent clone for the Mac (

trigirl82 10:13 AM, August 27, 2009  

Training peaks is good! Lots of useful tools for tracking progress and geeking out. :-) And they now offer a free account if you don't feel like paying!

Anonymous,  10:17 AM, August 27, 2009  

Use I guarantee you its the best, I love it. 10:33 AM, August 27, 2009  

I'd go with

You can also put a little HTML box on your blog and it will summarize what you have done and everyone can see your glorious numbers...for me...everyone sees my sad numbers :-(

t-odd 10:38 AM, August 27, 2009  

I have used Runner's World online log. I liked it because you could even track the amount of mileage you have on your shoes. I have a Garmin so I have been using their Garmin Connect site. They just updated it - it's still buggy since they did it yesterday - but you can manually add activities not on a Garmin device. I have liked it for the mapping ability and the way it breaks up the your splits. Probably only really worth it if you have a Garmin product.

Lindsay 10:41 AM, August 27, 2009  

WOW. i was not aware there were so many! i'm old school / addicted to spreadsheets so i just use excel :) am interested in all these various sites though! good luck choosing.

Unknown 10:53 AM, August 27, 2009  

ready for one more?
i like, which can incorporate maps, and download data from Garmin (p.b.t.n.)

Amy - the gazelle 11:11 AM, August 27, 2009  

I also use mapmyrun to track everything - run, bike, swim, yoga, random other activity. I sprang for the premium membership, but don't think I'll do that again - can't really tell what the benefits of that are (other than getting free access to their lame training plans, like how to run a 5K). I really do like it, though - it has a cute little calendar with all the activity you log, and I love seeing all the days with little exercise icons.

Jayson 11:20 AM, August 27, 2009

I've looked at a lot of different sites, but this is the simplest and most flexible out there. TrainingPeaks was too complicated. Others were lacking in features.

Anonymous,  11:39 AM, August 27, 2009  

Excel spreadsheet

GISrunner 11:54 AM, August 27, 2009  

Another vote for buckeyeoutdoors ...

Jeff 12:39 PM, August 27, 2009  

microsoft excel. 100% customizable.

Bootchez 12:46 PM, August 27, 2009  

I use Ascent to track all of my activities, though this is a program for Garmin users, and I don't think you're one of those. However, it has all kinds of customizable screens, charts and data fields, plus it syncs with the iPhone in all kinds of wonderful ways. Very geeky.

ShirleyPerly 1:22 PM, August 27, 2009  

I use Buckeye Outdoors too for basic workout tracking but what i love most about it is I can have the weekly summaries appear on my blog as a widget. My coach uses something similar to TrainingPeaks, though, to give me my workouts and that's where I put all the really detailed stuff he needs to know.

Nicole 1:22 PM, August 27, 2009

both will do what you are interested in and also come with the ability to download files from the high tech gadgets!

Trishie 1:25 PM, August 27, 2009 and/or .

great communities too !

T 1:41 PM, August 27, 2009  

i just use voomaxer on facebook. you can use it for running, swimming, cycling or running. it'll track your races if you so choose. you can enter in heart rate, cadence, accurate mileage, times, etc.

it's marginally testy, but i actually really like it.

T 1:41 PM, August 27, 2009  
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T 1:41 PM, August 27, 2009  
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Sara 1:47 PM, August 27, 2009  

one more vote for training peaks....woot, woot. Let us know what you decide to use!

Chic Runner 1:56 PM, August 27, 2009  

Funny that you posted about this because I just tweeted about it on Monday! I found a great site through some running friends.

Mac friendly and SUPER easy to import garmin stats (which I think you have) you can add a ton of stuff about the weather and it's very basic which is what works well with me. I don't need all this wazoo add to Facebook add to this site stuff. It's simple but very detailed at the same time and very easy to use. I really like it. :) Good luck and if you need more information you can email me

Bob A 2:29 PM, August 27, 2009  

Like Jen, Anonymous, and Jeff, I'm an Excel fan but with a twist. I've actually used a spreadsheet (AppleWorks, ClarisWorks, Excel) to track my running for a long time. Now, I'm using a worksheet on Google Docs: Running Log (Bob Allen)

It gives me the functionality and flexibility of a spreadsheet plus the convenience of having it online. I also link to the cells for the current month on my blog, Random Thoughts While Running. And, I don't have to worry about another host either making changes that I don't like or even going out of business -- I regularly export to an Excel workbook so that I have a backup.

triblog carol 3:11 PM, August 27, 2009  

I also use Beginnertriathlete. I pay $50 a year for the Bronze plan, so I can do graphs and upload garmin data. It's cool! I have my training log embedded into my site. You can see my bt log directly here:

Andrew Watkins,  3:53 PM, August 27, 2009  

TRAINING PEAKS!!! This is amazing software that does all the stuff you requested. I use it for getting workouts from my coach and then uploading data back to him and it works great for that! The nutrition aspect of TP is lacking though, so I like to use DAILYBURN.COM for that, along with my lifting log.

Jumper 2.0 4:36 PM, August 27, 2009  

Put my "vote" in for buckeyeoutdoors!

Stefanie 6:28 PM, August 27, 2009  

another vote for Beginnertriathlete

Hoolia,  7:00 PM, August 27, 2009  

Hmm, no one mentioned Bones In Motion, which uses your cell phone as a GPS receiver, and gives you quite a few options for recording data, as well as tracks your splits, elevation, etc.

John 7:35 PM, August 27, 2009  

I use I like it because it tracks all the different sports plus tracks shoe milage. The only thing I don't like it the way it presents pace in the bike format but I have gotten used to it.

See what you think - its free!

Anonymous,  10:22 PM, August 27, 2009  

I use a log at you can track every kind of workout and the log is very customizeable. There is also a great forum with a lot of knowledgeable people.

Mel-2nd Chances 7:09 AM, August 28, 2009  

I use which interfaces to FB/twitter if that's something you care about. Great reports that you can pull on progress, etc. I finally settled on this one after liking certain features of many. For Garmin data i use

JP Severin 7:36 AM, August 28, 2009  

This excel file is amazing. It is completely comprehensive. I just found it...

Coleen 12:20 PM, August 28, 2009
really simple layout, easy to use, and a social network. i use it every day

sRod 11:10 AM, September 04, 2009  

I've used for years (they have sister sites--MapMyRide, MapMyHealth, MapMyTri, MapMyKoala--which I'm sure have similar interfaces). I find it extremely versatile and intuitive.

The annoying thing is that a lot of features that used to be free you now have to pay for. WTF? I guess they weren't selling their ad space.

TriDan 1:19 AM, September 08, 2009

easily the best, use it myself for triathloning, its got everything

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