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>> Friday, October 03, 2008

You know those dumb photos of cats with the bad grammar written over them? They used to drive me crazy. Then I saw these two that made me laugh, where the cat seemingly had something invisible in its paws:

Those 2 are my favorite, but I also get a kick out of these:

Here are some of the bad grammar, poorly spelled versions that make me giggle:

In just a few days, the farm animals are ascending on the TC Marathon. We’ll be back with a fun story and even funner photos! "Funner" is a word, right?


IronGambit 1:14 AM, October 03, 2008  

just so you know, I detest the cat with the crocs pic :)

Maggs 2:12 AM, October 03, 2008  

Thanks for making me laugh. Some of those are hysterical.

Ordinarylife 4:38 AM, October 03, 2008  

A few weeks ago I saw the one "Food Limit Reached".

I had to send it to my sister. That is exactly how we feel training for Ironman. Train, eat, sleep.

Seeing it again made me laugh - thanks.

duchossois 5:59 AM, October 03, 2008  

Steve, you have a lot of cats. How do you find time to get them to pose for all of these pictures?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg 7:29 AM, October 03, 2008  

Cats! They take themselves sooooooo seriously. The need to be taken down a peg or two.

I laugh at you, cats, not with you! D'ya hear me?! AT YOU!!!

I'm lookin at you, Cat Stevens! I got yer Peace Train - right here!!

Coach Liz 7:43 AM, October 03, 2008  

Invisible Text Message Break up is a hoot. Thanks for the laughs. I took a cue from you and did an end of week "funny" post. Thanks for the inspiration.

richvans 7:53 AM, October 03, 2008  

Who doesn't love the cheeseburger masheen?

richvans 7:53 AM, October 03, 2008  
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RunBubbaRun 8:29 AM, October 03, 2008  

Now I knwo why you luv cats..

Have fun at the TC.

Jodi 8:31 AM, October 03, 2008  

I LOVE Friday Funny! I think I just woke up everyone in the apartment. Keep em coming!


ShirleyPerly 8:48 AM, October 03, 2008  

These are GREAT! Have fun at TCM!!

sunshine 9:42 AM, October 03, 2008  

Awesome! It's been a LONG week, and your post was just what I needed! :)

Kelly 9:48 AM, October 03, 2008  

I'm not a huge fan of those photos either... mainly because I don't really like cats.

However, what do I dislike MORE than cats? Crocs. So I accept that last one. I even laughed a little.

Amy Jurrens 9:58 AM, October 03, 2008  

When I was in high school I had a calendar called "101 Uses for a Dead Cat." I'm not a cat fan; however, the invisible pics were fun.

As an English prof, I would tell you, "funner" is not standard usage and you should avoid it your communications. As a descriptive linguist, I am curious about language use and what it reveals about the speaker. It's up to you to decide what I'm thinking! Have fun at the marathon!! (Like that's NOT an option, duh!)

K 10:13 AM, October 03, 2008  

I don't really like cats at all, but those were actually funny.

Rachel 10:14 AM, October 03, 2008  

Oh hilarious!!! It is pictures like these that actually deceive my mind into thinking cats are cute...and then you end up with cat pee in your shoe and it's all over with.

Jess 11:04 AM, October 03, 2008  

I think my favorite is invisible text message break up lol!

Kevin 12:21 PM, October 03, 2008  

Those are funny. I love the voises tell me things one

Melanie 12:35 PM, October 03, 2008  

I can't stand bad grammar, but I think the LOL cats are often really funny. Thanks for giving me a laugh.

Anonymous,  12:42 PM, October 03, 2008  

i sort of love the catnip one. reminds me of some people i know...

Anonymous,  12:47 PM, October 03, 2008  

Dude, I'm at a loss for how you found my blog, first visitor! I've been lurking in the shadows here on yours since giving up the game but life goes on. I always know where to turn for a smile.

Titus is doing awesome, thanks!

I'll be out in St. Paul Sunday as part of XT4's cheering group and will for surely be on the lookout for you dressed to the 9's.

Unknown 2:27 PM, October 03, 2008  

Very funny stuff...LOL

Fizzgig 3:27 PM, October 03, 2008  

i love lol cats! I have a favorite thats two cats snuggling and it says "i has a u"

I mean, come on, you cant deny its cuteness!

audgepodge 3:55 PM, October 03, 2008  

These are so funny! For some reason, the segway one cracked me up the most.

brendaj 6:06 PM, October 03, 2008  

I don't even really like cats and that made me laugh!

jen 6:11 PM, October 03, 2008  

I love these. If I had to pick a favorite I'd say the shower one, so sad!!

Good luck to everyone running the marathon this weekend! Our Portland marathon is this weekend too, hope for good weather for all.

J~Mom 7:13 PM, October 03, 2008  

The Crocs one is the best..hands down!

MissAllycat 7:37 PM, October 03, 2008  

The text break up? That. Was. Hysterical.

Hope to see you this weekend. BA-CAAAAK!

Borsch 10:22 PM, October 03, 2008  

Those are some funny kitties!

Ms. R 8:45 AM, October 04, 2008  

HI-larious! I hope to see you tomorrow on the course!

Nat 9:28 AM, October 04, 2008  

I can't wait to see the pictures!

Unknown 12:55 PM, October 04, 2008  

Several of those LOLCats truly made me laugh out loud. I love those. :-)

Felice Devine 3:58 PM, October 05, 2008  

OMG -- even though I didn't get to the Friday funnies until Sunday, these still made me laugh. Hard!

Julianne 10:03 PM, October 05, 2008  

I was seriously laughing out loud over some of these photos!!! So funny! And some of them were so cute.

Chic Runner 5:09 PM, October 06, 2008  

This could be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! :) Ha ha!

triguyjt 5:22 PM, October 07, 2008  

hilarious the cat in crocs///yeah they do look stupid but they are comfy


Eric 9:33 AM, October 21, 2008  

The pirate cat is my favorite!!! :-)

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