Challenge Aging 5K Report

>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last night, Pharmie and I headed south to celebrate my Grandpa’s birthday along with 120 of his closest friends. We had to snap a photo of us with Grandpa before we took off:

Grandpa, I can’t believe you’re 80!! Happy Birthday!!

This morning, I got up and headed to another Charities Challenge race: the “Challenge Aging 5K” where we all celebrated everyone’s age. It was a pretty nice morning for a run, and I was hoping to PR. I got there, got registered, and took in the sights. Here’s Como Lake, which we were about to run 2 laps around:

Here’s the waterfall in Como Park:

Here’s the big fountain we all drove around to get into the parking lot:

And here was the starting line for the race:

I warmed up with just a short 1/4 to 1/2 mile jog, and about 1 block into it, my right side tightened up pretty bad. “Super,” I thought. I had a bad side-stitch, and the race wasn’t starting for 20 minutes.

Soon, I stripped down to the Bowl Full of Sunshine, and I was ready to race. Tom and I toed the line next to each other, Gary shouted “GO!” and we were all off. I was following the lead biker, which was nice because he would ring his little bell to warn people that a race was about to be coming past them.

Mile 1: 5:34. The first mile went OK, but I thought I had run it harder than that. I needed to hold that pace for a PR. About half way through the race, that stupid side stitch was back. And I was feeling it. It was already rough going for me.

We finished the first lap, and there were a number of people cheering at the finish line area. I waved at Gary, Coach Jeanne, and the other cheerers/volunteers. As I was running through, Gary hopped on the PA system, and was telling everyone about me: “Steve Stenzel just cheered last weekend at the Marathon in a chicken costume. And you’ll see him at other Charities Challenge events with his BVDs on the outside of his outfit!...” I think he said a few more things, but I had hit the other side of the pavilion, and I was off to tackle the second loop around the lake.

Mile 2: 5:59. Yep, I thought so. I knew I had slowed. My side was killing me. Bye-bye PR. Hello side pain. Dang. I tried picking up the pace during that last mile, but I was in pain. I did all I could to keep that pace. But I just kept losing ground. The “mile 3” marker was a welcome sight.

Mile 3: 6:18. Much slower than I wanted. Much. Slower. I was in pain. My right side was killing me. I rounded the last corner, and was happy to book it to the finish. I wasn’t going to PR, but my time was still respectable.

Last 0.1: 0:39. I waved at Gary (who was taking a picture of me) while I crossed the line. It had been a rough run. I was glad to be done.

Total: 18:29
1st out of around 70 (maybe?)
3rd personal fastest 5K

Within a minute after finishing, Tom (who started right next to me) came running through as the second place finisher. Nice job Tom! Then I went to go get a hot cocoa:

I went back to the finisher chute area to cheer for the other runners. I grabbed a photo with Gary and Jeanne (the 2 that put on these great Charities Challenge events):

I have my post-race sweaty boobs

About 30 minutes later, they had a “Kids 1/2 Mile Run.” Gary asked if any adults wanted to run with them. He looked my way and told me I could take photos along the way. Here are 4 kids just as Gary shouted “GO”:

And a few minutes later, 3 of them came blazing back towards the finish:

Nice run, kids!

Then there were awards. Gary said “All the winners are going home as bread-winners!” No, he didn’t mean a big cash prize. He actually meant bread:

And it was GOOD bread. I said goodbye to Gary and Jeanne, and I headed home.

As soon as I got home, I got to work making breakfast. Pharmie’s brother, Mike (AKA the Pig who cheered at the marathon last week), was coming over. It’s his birthday today. So we had 7 people over for a quick birthday brunch. Steph made scones. Matt (AKA the Cow) bought rolls. I made some sausages and controlled the “build you own omelets.” It was delicious. I fed all the others, and then got my chance to stuff my face. Here was my plate:

(Notice the Care Bear glass full of OJ)

Well, right now my side STILL hurts a little. I haven’t been lifting or doing sit-ups in the last few weeks because I’ve hurt my shoulder (more on that shortly). I think that lack of sit-ups really put me in a hole for this race: my core wasn’t used to working that hard in the last few weeks, and I’ve been missing ab workouts. Well, still a decent time at a quick little Sunday morning race.

I’ll have more photos shortly. Gary snapped a bunch, and he’ll probably have them up in a few days. Check back for more! Thanks for reading!


teacherwoman 5:11 PM, October 12, 2008  

Love the care bear glass! Nice job on the race, sorry you weren't able to PR.

It's definitely looking like fall around here, isn't it?! Before we know it ... ahh, nevermind.

Julianne 5:23 PM, October 12, 2008  

Happy birthday to your grandpa! And your charity race sounds so fun. The picture of the 4 kids at the starting line is tooo cute. :-) Love the prize, too. I always look forward to our photos, btw! They really make me smile.

Michelle 5:27 PM, October 12, 2008  

Hey Steve, great race! Gosh what i wouldn't do to be able to run as fast as you!! :O)

Brian 5:29 PM, October 12, 2008  

did you steal my kids' carebears cup?

CoachLiz 5:32 PM, October 12, 2008  

The brunch looks yummy. Happy Birthday to grandpa and Matt.

On your side stitch...the shoulder injury is probably the culprit. See if you can visit a sports massage specialist or a chiropractic doctor who is familiar working with trigger points. The side stitch is probably referred pain from the shoulder injury or muscle tension.

For a quick fix, massage the spot on the back of your arm just above the elbow on each side for 90 seconds. Press firmly as you massage. This is an acupuncture site to relax areas in the trunk and one of them is that upper area where your stomach and small intestines meet and sometimes irritation can cause that side stitch pain.

Kelly 5:39 PM, October 12, 2008  

Is that Great Harvest bread? Mmmmmmm....

PS you should call people pigs. It's bad manners.

joyRuN 5:46 PM, October 12, 2008  

Geez, you're fast! Congrats on a great race, side stitch & all :)

chia 6:21 PM, October 12, 2008  

Sounds like one heck of a fun day man! I'm so jealous!

Anne 6:38 PM, October 12, 2008  

I think your grandpa was your lucky charm on race day. Great job!

Marlene 6:43 PM, October 12, 2008  

Aw, sorry to hear about the side pain! Still an excellt time and first place! YAhoo!

Great breakfast!

Spokane Al 7:01 PM, October 12, 2008  

Steve, not that I usually notice these things, but it appears that you were really excited in the picture with photo with Gary and Jeanne. Calm down big guy!

Marcy 7:59 PM, October 12, 2008  

Dude you're still freekishly fast! Nice job homie!

Tenderheart Bear, eh? I always pictured more of a Cheer Bear type :P

Erin Leigh 8:19 PM, October 12, 2008  

With your side stitch you still lap me, lol.

Jumper 2.0 8:25 PM, October 12, 2008  

I can't believe you called your brother-in-law a pig.

Congrats on the race. 3rd fastest pr still rates.

Jess 8:28 PM, October 12, 2008  

Congrats on 1st place! But, um, those shorts remind me of the "pork sword" shorts from Juno, and I don't think I can look at them anymore. Or I will feel indecent.

Mel-2nd Chances 9:35 PM, October 12, 2008  

great race despite the pain!!! Congrats on the bread :D

Charlotte 9:53 PM, October 12, 2008  

Bummer about the PR but that still an amazing 5K time. And hey, that's GREAT HARVEST bread! I would run 3.2 miles any day for great harvest bread:)

triguyjt 10:07 PM, October 12, 2008  

those two sausages looked intimidated by your huge

congrats to your gramps....gheesh i'm getting up there....
my Mom is 4 years older than your gramps

fyi...theres a clinic in california that treats the sweaty boobs syndrome

J~Mom 12:16 AM, October 13, 2008  

Sorry about the pain...still an awesome race!

Aaron 4:23 AM, October 13, 2008  

That's pretty quick all right. Great race.

Darcy Franklin 7:45 AM, October 13, 2008  

Great thing about 5Ks is if you have a bad one, there is always one the next weekend! I am sure you will have another opportunity to PR.

Love Care Bear.

C 8:13 AM, October 13, 2008  

Congrats on a great race.

I swear I gain weight just looking at the photos of your food. But I keep coming back to your blog anyway. I guess I really am a glutton for punishment. :)

Anonymous,  8:43 AM, October 13, 2008  

Happy Birthday Grampa!! :-)

Nice job on the race. Great pictures as always...that cocoa looks so good, and your food pics always make me hungry ;b

Ordinarylife 9:06 AM, October 13, 2008  

Don't even talk to me about shoulders!!! 1 chiro visit, 2 physio visits and more to come. Loads of streching exerices and NOTHING is helping. I hope you have more luck!

Anonymous,  9:17 AM, October 13, 2008  

Dear Grandpa,

you have made me realize Id better make 119 more friends quickfast&inahurry.



GoBigGreen 10:08 AM, October 13, 2008  

Steve, I thought about doing that 5k..then...temps as they were ( SO NICE!) I headed out on my bike instead..:) Sounds like a really good race and congrats on doing so well. Wow that girl was kicking it in for the kids race, super cool.
I hope your shoulder is doing better, drop me a note if you need more unsolicited advice.
PS Great Harvest, yum.

RooBabs 10:29 AM, October 13, 2008  

Okay, here are my random thoughts:

1- Happy B-Day grandpa (my grams turns 80 in Feb)!
2- Looks like nice race course. Sorry about the pain, but, Hello! You finished 1st, and it was your 3rd fastest 5k. You still rock.
3- Does anyone else wonder what happened to the 4th kid? (Maybe it was a pedophile in a farm animal costume, LOL).
4- Great Harvest bread is super-tasty. They were a sponsor for the Susan G. Breast Cancer 5k back in May, so they were handing out slices with honey, plus coupons for a free loaf. Score!!
5- I totally noticed the Care Bear cup before I even scrolled down to read the caption (can you tell I great up in the 80's?)

Janet Edwards 10:48 AM, October 13, 2008  

Great race, despite the issues! Way to tough it out! A well-earned breakfast!

KK 10:54 AM, October 13, 2008  

I just got caught up on your past few posts: way to deliver! Sure you can drink OJ out of a cup boasting a care bear on the front...but you NAME which care bear it is?

Way to go on your near PR despite the pain. And I love that you are a legend wherever you go. Thanks for making us all smile so often :).

P.S. My brother in law forwarded me that Craig's list posting a few weeks back-I was crying reading that. Funny stuff.

Texas Gal 11:47 AM, October 13, 2008  

Nice fast race!! Congrats--and AWESOME, I wish we had some pretty places here where I such luck. Hot chocolate, heck, I thought summer was just about to come to an end! ;)

Felice Devine 12:08 PM, October 13, 2008  

Congrats on winning the race!
That breakfast looks yummy!

sunshine 2:00 PM, October 13, 2008  

Love the care bear glass (I remember having those when I was little) and the Bowl Full of Sunshine! ;) And, seriously, I need to start entering races that gives away bread!!!!!

Happy b-day to your grandpa!

Aron 2:30 PM, October 13, 2008  

great job getting through the race even though it hurt - side stiches are not fun!! but you still got FIRST and a 3rd personal best - not bad :)

Jim Smith II 6:54 PM, October 13, 2008  

Well played Steve!

And thanks to Coach Liz for the side-stitch tips! I've had that happen before and was going to ask what you did to get through it.

Anniversary Moments 7:47 PM, October 13, 2008  

i would gladly take your "slow" 6:18 pace with a side pain any day although not if it means having to wear all the costumes ;)

you & grandpa look like twins!nice!

ShirleyPerly 8:27 PM, October 13, 2008  

Weird about that side stitch showing up in your warm-up. But at least you still ran a good race time. And that bread-winner idea is funny!

Viv 12:19 PM, October 14, 2008  

Congrats on a 1st place finish Steve. I know it was not your PR but fantastic!

akshaye 10:42 AM, October 15, 2008  

Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!

Judi 5:27 PM, October 15, 2008  

Your 5k times are SICK!!! Loved the pix...

Eric 10:06 AM, October 21, 2008  

Care Bear STARE!!! :-)

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