Last Long Ride Before The Half Ironman

>> Monday, September 01, 2008

Today, Pharmie and I did our last big ride before our Half Ironman in 6 days (yes, the one where I’ll be dressed as the Grim Reaper for the run).

To get ready for the ride, we ate our way through the MN State Fair yesterday. We shared a big pretzel with cheese, a strawberry malt, some turkey jerky, and a root beer. I was OK walking on my cut toe from the sprint tri the day before. It was a little red and sore before we left for the fair:

So this morning, we got ready for our ride. I emptied out our Gatorade powder, and I had to chip out the chunks at the bottom with a knife in order to get what I needed:

We hit the road. We got through the RNC madness and protests that were starting today near downtown St. Paul. We biked to the end of the Gateway Trail and snapped a photo at Pine Point Park (about 25 miles into our ride):

(sweaty boobs, as usual)

We went out a bit farther, and we saw the road marked for the half IM run next weekend: we’ll be hitting the 6.5 mile turn-around just after a bunch of hills. Sweet. So I ended the day with a nice 57 mile ride, and Pharmie went a little more (around 63). What a great way to spend the day before I start teaching again!

Don’t miss my sprint race report below from Saturday! (I’ll post official photos from the race when they come in.) And remember, only 6 days until I have the most fun ever in a half IM! (While I debut the Grim Reaper outfit!)


Trishie 9:18 PM, September 01, 2008  

You know, I felt like something was missing from my life today. Then I saw your busted toe and all was right with the world ;)

Sonia 9:39 PM, September 01, 2008  

I agree with Trishie, a great day would not be complete without a gross pic from you!! Thanks =)

I think you need some practise with your costume so you should do all your training with it for the rest of the week! And it'll be all ready and sweaty for race day!

J~Mom 10:04 PM, September 01, 2008  

WOOHOO!! I am excited for your half!!

Brian 12:57 AM, September 02, 2008  

When in doubt, steve in a speedo to post a gross foot picture.

I was watching a discovery show earlier about guys who got snake bikes. One guy got bit on his thumb and it turned all black then started rotting. It reminded me of a pic you'd post.

chia 6:23 AM, September 02, 2008  

Hope the race is half as fun as it seems :-). No more mangled appendages :-)

Marcy 7:21 AM, September 02, 2008  

Dude, you're gonna have to bust out the razor for the toes as well. All I see is hair :P ;-)

Unknown 7:51 AM, September 02, 2008  

Hope you have a blast this weekend at the 70.3!

Eric 11:02 AM, September 02, 2008  

Watch out for pepper spray!!! :-)

TriSupporter 11:07 AM, September 02, 2008  

Great race report...sorry about the toe. I'm sure it'll heal up before the race. Good luck to you...we'll be in Madison but cheering you from a far. Can't wait for those grim reaper photos.

duchossois 11:51 AM, September 02, 2008  

I have the same problem with the Gatorade powder. Apparently, their little Gatorade jug type containers are not so air tight, and moisture get in. I usually just fill the container itself with water, put the lid on, shake it up real good, then drink it.

Good luck at the Half Ironman!

TRI TO BE FUNNY 12:39 PM, September 02, 2008  

Classic Steve in a Speedo post---an open wound followed by a great picture of you and the wife.

Love it!!

Kevin 1:55 PM, September 02, 2008  

Nice race wound. Guess that'll be the last time you try to run during the swim

GoBigGreen 2:17 PM, September 02, 2008  

Steve, that menu from the State Fair sounds a BIT TOO HEALTHY FOR YOU???
Dude, are you succumbing to peer pressure and getting all healthy on us? AND ...
Was that really you i talked to on thursday drinking a jamba juice?
Hmm...I had the muffins and caffeine going from Dunn Bros and it didnt occur to me till i drove off that you had a healthy smoothie! Confused me!

John 2:42 PM, September 02, 2008  

Take care of that toe, it looks a little red! You wouldn’t want it to get infected just days before a race. On the other hand... oozing yellow pus photos would be awesome!

CoachLiz 5:31 PM, September 02, 2008  

LOL, I kept looking for you yesterday on my miserable run leg of my tri.

triguyjt 6:43 PM, September 02, 2008  

just be thankful you don't play for the browns...
a cut foot would turn into a staph infection and you'd be out for the year....

looking forward to the grim reaper.... not the real one...

Jess 7:56 PM, September 02, 2008  

How is it you get sweaty boobs but your wife stays dry?

Mendy 8:28 PM, September 02, 2008  


It's so cool you guys ride together!

Good luck to the both of you on your race!!

Ashley 8:42 PM, September 02, 2008  

hey thanks speedo steve.... love your shot of the nasty cut - yum! cheers to recovery.

n/a 10:01 PM, September 02, 2008  

Hey there! I just stumbled onto your blog and I have to say I was cracking up! Your posts are hilarious! I started running last summer and ventured into the tri world this past May. I'm still a newbie but I can appreciate your stories :o) Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I enjoyed your blog!

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