Run, Grim Reaper, Run!

>> Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The official photos from the Square Lake Long Course (half ironman) from 10 days ago just got put up. Here are some good ones:

Pharmie checking her watch before the start

Me coming out of the water

I didn’t see the photographer out there, but I have proof that the person making the photos by the lake was a man! That last photo of me was the only one of me exiting the water. But, if you are an attractive woman in a low-cut top, you’ll have 7 photos to choose from:

Lesson number #84 for professional photographers: If you are going to take extra photos of a cute woman, make sure to edit some of them out so you seem less like a pervert. OK, back to the photos:


Starting the bike, flashing gang signs ;)

Pharmie close behind

Finishing the bike

Headed out on the run...

...and this lady was right behind me,
laughing her butt off!

After 13.1 miles in that outfit (and a few heavy downpours), it was time to hit the finish line. HERE is where the photographer made up for the lack of photos of me during the swim (I seriously have 2-3 times more photos of me finishing than anyone else - I wonder why?):

I love the cheering family on the left

Then the sun came out, and Pharmie came to the line:

Now, I have some questions about some other images I saw. Why is this drunk guy pooping on someone’s wetsuit in T1?

(I kid. No mean comments please.)

And how did this guy get his full-body wetsuit off this quickly after the swim?

Seriously, how? Amazing!

(Update regarding the photo above: Pharmie mentioned that some people sit in the water to remove their wetsuit. Why have I never heard of this? I may have to try that sometime.)

If you missed “Team Happy Pants” duathlon victory 2 posts ago, make sure to scroll down and check that out. And there’s some big race news in the works; there’ll be an announcement later this week! Thanks everyone!!


Trishie 7:44 PM, September 16, 2008  

oh. my. god. BRILLIANT, Steve, as always. the lady in the low cut top... the grim reaper... the pooper... and I spewed some of my popsicle on the screen with the wetsuit-off-in-the-water-picture.

IronGambit 7:51 PM, September 16, 2008  

you look aero dynamic in that suit! ;)

Calyx Meredith 7:59 PM, September 16, 2008  

How did you make the Grim Reaper look that joyful? And how the HECK did that guy get his wetsuit off while still IN the water? Finally, do you look at every single picture the event photographers take? You wacko! :D

Sonia 8:03 PM, September 16, 2008  

Great pics!! Love the drunk pooping guy lol

Wondering about that announcement.... what crazy thing are coming out with?!

Spokane Al 8:05 PM, September 16, 2008  

Pharma must be one understanding lady. I suggest you treat her very nice for cheerfully putting up with all your off-the-wall racing ideas.

Anniversary Moments 8:10 PM, September 16, 2008  

great photos!!

i thinking the guy with the wetsuit didn't actually wear it -- he must have found it in the water and was bringing it to lost & found.

M 8:19 PM, September 16, 2008  

Great pics! I have never seen someone sitting in the water to take the wet suit off. I wonder if it works?

bigmike600 8:32 PM, September 16, 2008  

Always a pleasure to read your blog.
Hope you aren't pregnant.

J~Mom 8:35 PM, September 16, 2008  

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Love the pictures and your observations!! While I would love to race with you someday I hate to think that I could end up in one of this entries. LOL

ShirleyPerly 8:46 PM, September 16, 2008  

OK, do you mind if we post one of your grim reaper photos at There's got to be someone who hasn't yet seen them as needs to ;-)

I'm amazed at the guy with the wetsuit off in the water too!

Judi 8:56 PM, September 16, 2008  

AWESOME guys look awesome. Your grim reaper idea was better than the pink hair I guess, but next time you do do a pink tu-tu and a tierria and pink hair.

Judi 8:56 PM, September 16, 2008  

p.s tried the carbo-pro on sunday for an 85 mile ride and it rocks. thanks for the head's up.

CoachLiz 9:05 PM, September 16, 2008  

I needed that laugh today. Still no power from IKE. I am mooching power and internet off of my husband's office.

Anonymous,  9:07 PM, September 16, 2008  

that's amazing. i'm tireder than tired and i still laughed out-loud.

tribeaner 9:49 PM, September 16, 2008  

Dear Steve - If you are not racing this weekend and would like to give 1,000 women a reason to smile...we would LOVE to see you and your bowl full of sunshine at the IronGirl Duathlon this Sunday in Bloomington. Perhaps you could even bring your mini-boombox and give us another rendition of "Stronger"???? Pretty please?

Marci 10:19 PM, September 16, 2008  

Great pics... esp of you as the grim reaper... still giggling over those ones. The girl in the low cut top... now that's some funky tan line!!!

Rainmaker 10:41 PM, September 16, 2008  

Hilarious photos! But I'm certainly not going to complain about additional photos of cute girls. Just sayin'...

Erin Leigh 11:23 PM, September 16, 2008  

Don't you think the photographer would edit out the poopy pic?? I mean for job security at least??

LOL at Lisas comment. I take some horrendous pics so I am with her.

And why is Pharmie always so cute??

Charlotte 11:29 PM, September 16, 2008  

You make doing a Tri look like a night at Chuckles. Loved the 50 pics of hot-girl-with-crazy-tan-lines. The grim reaper is a total Steve classic. But the poopie pic actually got me to laugh out loud. I really am a twelve-year-old boy at heart.

SewEthel 4:24 AM, September 17, 2008  

My theory re: removal of wetsuit in a flash, is Velcro all down the sides for an easy stripper like ta-da! moment as one exits the water.

Anonymous,  6:33 AM, September 17, 2008  

Great pictures. I don't know how you ran it that outfit!

Anonymous,  8:32 AM, September 17, 2008  

Great pics of both of you!

As for taking off the wetsuit in the water, I do it right at the water's edge - I don't sit down - but I peel of the top 1/2 and then step on the legs to get out of it. I never have liked running up the beach and into transition in my wetsuit, so I strip down. :)

So big race plans? Are you signing up for an IM? Oh boy, I need to know the details now, tell us, tell us! :)

I am amazed at how that guy did get his wetsuit off, he looks like he took it off in deep water? WTH!?!

Kim 8:51 AM, September 17, 2008  

i forwarded your blog to my coworkers, bc i cant stop laughing. i love ridonk race pictures.

Cliff 9:50 AM, September 17, 2008  

dude this is so funny.. ;)

Aron 10:45 AM, September 17, 2008  

those are awesome pics!

Rachel 2:01 PM, September 17, 2008  

Those pictures are great!!

AddictedToEndorphins 2:47 PM, September 17, 2008  

Low top or grim reeper shirt. I will consider this when I pick out my race shwag.

Katelin 3:57 PM, September 17, 2008  

haha i love that you ran in the grim reaper outfit, that is simply awesome.

Unknown 6:09 PM, September 17, 2008  

Great pics! I saw someone taking their wetsuit off in the water this weekend too and it was baffling to me - maybe it's easier? I dunno. I can barely keep my balance when I take mine off and would probably drown if I tried to do it in water.

Nancy 8:13 PM, September 17, 2008  

7 pics of the cleavage. That is hilarious. You're right, he should have edited a few. :D

Unknown 8:49 PM, September 17, 2008  

Love the costume. Maybe when I'm faster at running, I'll try a great outfit!

the Dread Pirate Rackham 10:20 PM, September 17, 2008  

Ha ha ha! you do that too? the gang sign thing? ME TOO!! TOTALLY!

how long was your T2 with the costume change?

KK 10:54 PM, September 17, 2008  

love it! didn't know about the sitting-in-the-water-while-stripping-off-wetsuit-thang either. sounds intriguing. and it does look like that guy is dropping a deuce in his wetsuit. guh-ross.

nice work. pure genius, yet again.

Bigun 7:45 AM, September 18, 2008  

ya know, i'm sorta ok with the pervert photographers of the world...

Felice Devine 7:58 AM, September 18, 2008  

Great pics! Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've been checking your out and really enjoy it.

Wes 9:34 AM, September 18, 2008  

What's wrong with being a pervert? and getting paid to be a pervert? Priceless :-)

Anonymous,  9:57 AM, September 18, 2008  

seriously? you ran as the grim reaper? talk about motivation for the people in front of you to STAY in front of you. LOVE IT.

ssgreylord 11:34 AM, September 18, 2008  

how can you not reel in thousands with a blog titles Steve in a Speedo? i know i'm it!!

Anonymous,  2:00 PM, September 18, 2008  

GREAT costume idea. You certainly do a lot of races! Good job!

Julianne 3:47 PM, September 18, 2008  

Omg, Steve! The part about the perverted photographer taking pictures of girls in the low cut top is hilarious! Haha! Thanks for sharing some of the photos from the race and great jon on the half Ironman! WOW! :-)

RooBabs 4:58 PM, September 18, 2008  

The Grim Reaper? Classic Steve! And all the other hilarious commentary? Loved it! Thanks as always for reminding me why I never eat or drink while reading your blog (because I would either choke or spew it out).

Lily on the Road 6:27 PM, September 18, 2008  

I don't know why I wait to read a couple of your posts at one time, I end up laughing so hard I almost crack me UP!

Great job on all of the races and thanks for all the pic's, GAWD YOU ARE ONE FUNNY DUDE!!

Christie 8:08 PM, September 18, 2008  

You are hilarious. There is no way I could keep a straight face if I saw someone running in that get-up.

Jade Lady 8:23 PM, September 18, 2008 this the trick to get a ton of photos taken by the photographers? I'll have to let u borrow my hot pink pants with the fluffy boa to go around your neck for your next race! Where shall I ship it to?

What fun photos you had! Thx for sharing.

Fizzgig 3:55 PM, September 19, 2008  

i dont think that get-up will ever get old!

sRod 4:38 PM, September 19, 2008  

As you approach the finish the features of your face start to form on the mask. Kinda looks like someone is trying to escape from the inside. Creepy.

As for the pooper. Maybe he saw you in your outfit and shit his pants. I would have.

Emily 4:31 PM, September 24, 2008  

I like to imagine that guy got his wetsuit off so quickly because he pulled it through his butt like in Zoolander when Hansel pulls his underwear off without removing his pants during the walk off.

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