The YWCA MPLS Women's Tri (Steph's First Tri!)

>> Monday, August 12, 2019

Yesterday, my wife and her sister did the YWCA of Minneapolis Women's Triathlon at Lake Nokomis. Both of our families met there to cheer them on:

Sarah and the boys (and "Baby Steve") pre-race!

I ran across the beach after taking that photo - the elites
were coming out of the water, and 3rd was long-time tri-buddy Greta!

And 4th was YWCA teammate Jennifer. She'd go on to WIN the race!

I ran back up the beach to get one last photo of the sisters before they headed to the start. Many of these next photos can be found in an Instagram post from last night:

Steph and Sarah. It was going to be Steph's FIRST TRIATHLON!!

Sarah coming out of the water after 2 mini freak-outs. Maybe she should
revamp her "swim once/year" training plan. But I could be wrong.

Steph (like most first-timers) was most nervous about the swim. But she did GREAT!

Jon (my brother-in-law) and I and all the kids headed around transition to wait for the sisters to come in off the bike. The boys got all covered in sand/mud/puddle juices from the baseball field nearby, but before too long, we saw my wife:

Lookin' speedy!

Steph was easier to spot with her striped top.

One of the great things about this race is that you can head to a special chute just off the finisher's chute and line up to run with your athlete across the finish line. So Jon and I and all the kids entered that area when we knew Sarah would be coming shortly. Her "generic" black and white top was harder to spot, but her bright orange shoes helped her to stand out:

Right in the middle. Go Sarah!

The boys joining Mama for the final 100 meters!


Steph didn't see us at first (or hear Jon and I screaming for her), so here she is shrugging her shoulders as if to say "I don't know where you guys are" as she approached the "family chute:"

No, don't look at the pointing finger. Steph is in the striped top in the middle.

Steph's kids finishing with her! Go Steph!

For posterity's sake, here's the sisters' results:

Top 10% run! Passed 92 and was only passed by 2 during the run!

Out-biked her sister: nearly top 10% there (and passed 191 while being passed by only 4!).

Sweaty post-race sisters photo.

Our family post-race. (I dressed us all in green so
Sarah could just think "Look for green..." when racing.)

Nice job ladies!


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