Last Weekend: Ragnar and Bathroom Work

>> Monday, August 26, 2019

Ten days ago, I took my boys to Grandma's house for a few days. Then the next day, I took my wife to a van full of her co-workers so should could go run Ragnar for 2 days. So I had 2 days to myself! But I had a big list, and only really got to the "biggest" thing on that list.

First, I dropped my wife off on Friday morning:

Part of her van.

A selfie about to take a nap before a night run.

A teammate running.

An exchange zone.

Another teammate ready to go.

A pic for my wife's Mom showing all her lights/reflective gear for her night runs.
Not pictured: a bright tail light that blinked and blinded everyone within 40 feet.

Soaking in Lake Superior after their team ran from St. Paul to Duluth!

My wife was the first leg from the "2nd van," so she got to run out of Stillwater. Stillwater is know for having hills, so she had a lot of climbing during her first leg.

While she was running, I got to work at home. For the most of Friday, I fixed up and printed some pictures for upcoming exhibitions. I'll have more about this on my "photo blog" in the upcoming weeks once I have more info. I'll have a 4 a.m. photo in a local exhibition at the Minneapolis Photo Center, and I'll have a photo OF MY BUTT in a juried exhibition in New York called "Bare Men." So the photo of my butt will be tame in comparison. (Most likely.)

Book your ticket to NY to see my butt. Or stop on over for a private viewing.

Saturday I went for a bike ride, and then I immediately tore into our bathroom:

Bathroom contents in hallway.

Medicine cabinet being re-worked in the backyard.

I did lots of scraping, sanding, 2-3 coats of primer on bare spots,
and then a coat of paint. This is the false drawer on our vanity.

Vanity doors.

Corner of the vanity.

Inside the medicine cabinet.

Underneath the medicine cabinet.

I got all those coats done on Saturday! The primer just needed 30-60 mins between coats, so I'd do the vanity, then step outside to do the medicine cabinet, then come back in and touch up the vanity, then step back outside to touch up the medicine cabinet, etc. By late Saturday night, the bathroom was put back together!

The idea is to just have it last another 10 years or so before a more major remodel. This is just a "get us to that point" mini-makeover.

It's been a busy week, so now you're caught up with LAST weekend.


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