November Training Totals: Biggest Run Month in THREE YEARS!

>> Monday, December 03, 2018

Here's what November looked like in my training log:

My biking was quite UNimpressive as I just had one outdoor ride with friends, and another 6 hours and 20 minutes of trainer rides (with just 2 hours of that being HARD riding). Meh. Truly "meh."

My swimming for the month was 17,850 yards, which was my best all year! (And I capped it off with some ALL OUT 100s as noted in my last post.) Years ago, I'd swim 20,000+ yard months now-and-then, but looking back over 3 years (through August of 2015), I've only had more than 17,850 yards ONE time. So November was a solid month!

And I broke 100 miles running for the first time since January of 2016!. I SWEAR I didn't know my exact mileage for the month as I ran 10.0 miles on Thursday which put me at 100.11 miles on the month. I mentioned in a post recently that I figured I could "end up just under 100 miles" for November, but I had nooooo goal to break 100. That just happened naturally. (And I'm making this point to show that I wasn't being pointlessly stupid by pushing my last few runs just to break 100 because that "looks good." It totally happened on accident because my legs have felt good and the miles have been churning past easily.)

If you think I'm ramping up my miles for something specific, you're wrong. I'm just not feeling many aches or pains right now. And if you noticed, I didn't race at all in November, so I was able to keep up consistent distance training without easing up for an "easy pre-race week" or a "post-race recovery week." Just lots of logging decent distance. A swim, bike, or run EVERY day last month!

Back soon with more on that good 10 miler to close out last month. And some good professional news.


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