2018 Goals

>> Saturday, November 24, 2018

Is it lame to define your 2018 goals in late November?


This happens every year around this time: I take a look at my totals for the year so far and decide if there are any "milestones" I can break over the next 6 weeks. Local runner Steve Q had something to do with it this year.

In Monday's post, I noted stringing together some decent 20+ mile weeks (which is good for me). Steve Q showed off his mileage in his response, and we had this exchange:

On BeginnerTriathlete (where I track my miles), it easily shows totals for the year
along with pace, but I hadn't looked back on this year until Steve Q prompted me.

Looking back on my yearly totals, my biggest year of running was 2012 when I was running SO MUCH with baby Henry (1027 miles). Then I looked back and saw that in 2010 (the year before Henry was born) I ran 911 miles. And last year was my 3rd biggest run year at 800 miles.

So now (after 2 more runs since Steve Q and I were tweeting), I'm well over 800 miles. So I already have my 3rd biggest year of running. November should end up just under 100 miles, which will put me around 830 yearly miles (which is just 81 miles short of my 2nd biggest year, and I should be able to run that much in December). So my goal is to have my 2nd biggest running year by the end of 2018!

Sidenote: here was my view on a run with the boys today. I had to get a tire fixed at Tires Plus, but I brought the double stroller along and got in a run while my car was stuck there:

I thought my swimming this year was nothing impressive: I haven't had any BIG months of swimming. (In the past, I've had 20,000+ yard months, with my biggest being 25,000 yards once in 2010. This year, I barely broke 17,000 two times.) But looking at my 2018 totals, I ALREADY have my biggest year ever! I've just been cranking out consistent swim months. 2010 was my previous yearly best at 151,000 yards. This year, I'm already at 159,000 yards! I could end the year around 175,000. I did NOT expect this to be my best year in the pool!

But my bike numbers are less impressive for the year. I hope to get outside for possibly my final outdoor ride of the year tomorrow, but I still won't break 950 miles for 2018. Dang. Last year was GREAT on the bike, and this year has been more trying.


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