Adventures in Sickness

>> Saturday, March 03, 2018

It's been an eventful week.

My wife worked last weekend (as I posted about my bike workout where my boys watched me soak in the tub afterwards last weekend), and Charlie woke up sick on Sunday morning. I posted this text along with these 2 text message screenshots later that day:

Texts to my wife as she works today. Backstory: Charlie was up 5-6 times between 3:45 and 5:30 this morning with diarrhea. The first time, it was A LOT, and it overflowed his pull up and got on his blankets and sheet. I cleaned it and him up and got him back in bed. The rest of the times were smaller "incidents." Then I sent my wife these texts after he got up this morning. #SundayFunday #ItsOKToLaugh #OurSecondFloorSmellsLikeAHogBarn

And then just a few hours later, I added this photo of Charlie snuggled in (he was obviously feeling better) as we were watching Curious George:

And finally, a few hours after that, we ran to Menards. And I posted this image saying "Still not my most random Menards trip:"

I can't tell you all the cleaning I did that day (because I'm sure I'll miss a lot). But I obviously washed lots of clothes, bedding, quilts, towels, etc. On the carpet, I used Woolite carpet cleaner like 6 times (while scrubbing), then a pet enzyme remover spray, then the ZEP Oxy spray from Menards, and finally the powered odor eliminator. I vacuumed the hell out of the rug, then changed the vacuum bag, and vacuumed some more. I took out the trash full of shitty wipes, sanitized the bathroom floor where shit had plopped, and disinfected knobs, handles, etc. It all seemed to work.

And then the next day, Henry went to bed and threw up around 9:30 pm. We hoped that was it, and we had a quiet night. *WE* did, but *HE* didn't. When I went to wake Henry up (which is unusual because he usually pops up at 6:45), he was passed out, and he had some blankets on the floor. He had thrown them out of bed because he had puked on them. And there was puke in his bucket. And some other spots on his pillows and sheets. He said he was up a lot around 4 a.m., and he was NOT doing well. But he felt better quickly after getting up. He couldn't go to school, but I had a class to teach. So later, I posted this:

My big guy was barfing all over his bed last night. The top photo was the scene TWO HOURS after he usually pops out of bed. He felt better right after getting up, so now he’s sitting in my office watching Loony Tunes (and sipping on red Gatorade) as I teach.

And finally, the day after that, I ended up barfing all afternoon. I woke up and went for an early morning run. I actually tweeted this:

And then THIS happened:

Caption: "The bug that was inside the boys is now inside of me.
#ChillingOnTheBathroomFloor #WaitingForTheSweetReleaseOfDeath"

Which lead to another tweet:

I mean, I should have known better than to tweet that in the first place. Right?

A tweet before bed.

I didn't sleep well the next 2 nights, but I'm 100% back to normal now. Whew. Back with a training update soon: I (didn't mean to, but still) woke up early yesterday and actually did a little speed work 36 hours after barfing my brains out (and just over a week before O'Gara's 8K). Happy weekend!


Keith 4:39 PM, March 03, 2018  

Just about the best non-video condom ad ever.

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