Two Weeks of Training Around The Indoor Tri

>> Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The YWCA Indoor Triathlon was just over 2 weeks ago. Here's what my training looked like the week before and the week after that:

Race on the 18th.

The most unusual part of this is that I didn't have *complete* rest days before and after the race. The race was so short, that I still spun my legs a bit on the bike the day before, and I had a good 3x500 swim the day after.

Mon, 2/12: ladder swim.
Tues, 2/13: bike trainer workout.
Wed, 2/14: easy-ish long-ish run.
Thurs, 2/15: 6x200 swim. This had longer rest and was shorter because of racing shortly.
Fri, 2/16: easy short run.
Sat, 2/17: short easy spin.
Sun, 2/18: RACE DAY!

Mon, 2/19: 3x500 swim. Felt OK! Descended them: 7:41, 7:35, 7:31.
Tues, 2/20: easy spin. This was sort of my post-race rest day.
Wed, 2/21: easy run. Just testing the legs post-race.
Thurs, 2/22: decent ladder swim.
Fri, 2/23: easy run.
Sat, 2/24: good bike trainer workout.
Sun, 2/25: decent long run. This was the day that Charlie was sick, so my wife "let" me get out for a run when she got home from work that night. Had no real goals, but ran some middle miles at sub-6:40 pace.

That whole "not taking a break before or after the race" thing wasn't a great idea. I was kinda feeling the pressure to keep getting in the workouts now that we're really nearing racing season, but I've also felt a little fried and sluggish. I think I hit some over-training issues. So I'm REALLY making it a point to take it easy this week pre-8K this weekend. And I'll be taking a day off before and after the race. Then maybe by next weekend, I can start hitting it hard again.


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