Pre-Race Thoughts

>> Thursday, March 08, 2018

I'll be brief.

I'm not super well trained for this. I will suffer a lot on Saturday. I'm ready for that. (I think.)

An 8K (around 5 miles) is an odd distance for me. I can "gut out" a mile or a 5K. I can "settle in" to a 10 mile or half marathon. But that 5 mile to 10K distance just sucks for me. I've never nailed a race of that distance.

So, I hope I can break 6s. I want to see a sub-30:00 finishing time. Normally, I'd want to be well under that (or see how far under that I can be), but I just don't have any speed training this year. So something like 29:5x is fine by me! (The last 3 times I did this race: 31:46 in 2017 just taking it easy coming back from an injury and being a 5th body for my team, 29:20 in 2016 racing hard to the finish, and my PR of 29:15 in 2012 on a warm day during my best year of running ever.)

Stay tuned for an update!!


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