Friday Funny 1415: Reusable Toilet "Paper"

>> Friday, March 23, 2018

You know me. I'll have an opinion on this.

A growing number of families are ditching toilet paper rolls in favour of reusable 'family cloth', the new hygiene practice involves using pieces of cloth to clean up with after using the bathroom. They are then washed and reused. You can make the cloths yourself using old clothing or they are available to buy and there are a surprisingly large variety of patterns and designs on the market.

... which really doesn't matter because they call end up a similar shade of brown.

You use it the same way you use toilet paper just without throwing it in the toilet and flushing. Instead, you’d throw it into a hamper to be washed like a washcloth.

The internet had reactions:

I shared similar sentiments as this guy:

Do you have an opinion on this? I couldn't use it for my #2s. But maybe for the boys.

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Shinianen 3:02 PM, March 23, 2018  

OK - just to be serious for a second. I use cloth diapers for my son, and even I think this is dumb.

The footprint of flushing a few wads of toilet paper versus having to wash all that used "family cloth" ...

People don't realize how much water actually goes into keeping cloth clean after being exposed to urine and such. Several high water wash and rinse cycles are required. And even then, Ammonia starts to build up. Bleach or other sanitizing agents are needed just to stay ahead of the smells (not in every wash load, but at least monthly).

I can't imagine there is any benefit to this.

Not to mention, I don't even like to handle someone's skid marked undies. I definitely don't need to deal with "family cloth". LOL!

If they're that concerned, why not just go with an attachable bidet hose? (Amazon it - almost as funny as family cloth).

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