Lake Johanna Stroller Title PROBABLY Still Stands

>> Monday, March 19, 2018

Fellow Dad Brian B was hoping to have a stroller race with me at this year's MDRA Lake Johanna 4 Mile (which was held on Saturday). We had our taxes scheduled at that time, so I had to miss it. Later that day, he messaged me and said that he ran a 24:20 with his daughter in the stroller:

He asked what I ran with the stroller, and I had just started looking back when he beat me to the punch and posted the results from 2 years ago along with this comment:

I had him by FOUR seconds 2 years ago!

That year was with the DOUBLE stroller too. He comment back: "Both? Masochist."

Then fast runner Rob E posted on Facebook (and tagged both Brian and I) asking what my fastest stroller time was at Lake Johanna. I assume him and Brian had been talking about it at the race, but I don't know for sure. Here's how the conversation went:

Here's the link to my 2016 Lake Johanna race report which was my first race with both boys, and here's the link to my 2012 Lake Johanna race report that HENRY wrote when I ran my "course stroller PR" of 23:48. Here's the results even noting the course was a little long:

And in my sub-24 PR stroller race, Henry was asleep as I finished
(as seen in my race report as I was still in the finisher's chute).


First of all, I'm only *pretty* sure that I have the fastest stroller time at Lake Johanna in the last 7 years. Before that, who knows. I'm not totally comfortable saying I have the "stroller PR," but I might. (In 2012, I remember long-time MDRA employee Heidi M saying something like "Oh, I SUPPOSE you can race with a stroller if you want..." And it sounded like it wasn't something that had happened there in the recent past that she was aware of.)

Secondly, Brian is a MUCH faster runner than me. I showed 2 pictures of him last week in my post of all of the O'Gara's 8K photos where he ran a 27:59 compared to my 29:54. That's not even close. That's a different league. So why so "slow" this past weekend? Here's a true story I posted on that thread on Facebook:

Sidenote Brian: I forgot to mention that I ran a 37:16 Thanksgiving 10K with
the stroller
later in 2012. Use that for some 10K motivation! :)

So I guess this brings us to this... mark your calendars for next March:

(I spent tens of minutes making this. I need to make a better
version as an animated GIF with flashing things and explosions.)


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