Week in Review, Ending on a Sour Note

>> Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I had a decent week of training last week, but it ended pretty sucky:

Here's the breakdown of workouts with 3 photos from the week from my Instagram feed:

• MON, 3/12: broken 400s and 200s in the pool. And some core. The swim felt slow, but I got through it.

• TUES, 3/13: 76 mins on the trainer. It was part of Spinervals 13.0, and I ended after there 30 min tempo (ouch). I taught my college course and came back to a 37th birthday roll and a root beer:

Happy birthday to me! I love my silly dudes.

• WED, 3/14: easy run. Remember, this was my first run run since O'Gara's Irish Run 8K the weekend before. Things were swell.

• THURS, 3/15: 100s in the pool. My times were OK, but I felt GOOD. I did 16x100 with a short 20 sec rest (20 sec is "short" for me, and 30 sec is "long") and averaged 1:25.5. I've done better, but I was still pretty happy with this swim!

• FRI, 3/16: easy stroller run. I took Charlie out at 8 in the morning:

We'd had some melting so the trails were finally looking up, and it was
a nice 25 degree morning. Time to run, little man! (Loony Tunes help too...)

• SAT, 3/17: 83 minutes of speed work on the bike trainer. I did Spinervals 23.0, workout B and C (a "tempo/time trial" workout, and a "sprints" workout). I've been putting in OK (well, at least consistent) time on the bike, but I need to work on SPEED workouts... as it's already late March. Then that evening, the boys and I did a Mississippi River hike for 2+ hours:

We found TONS of shells, some unidentifiable eggs,
a condom blown up and tied off like a balloon, and an injured bat.

• SUN, 3/18: long run ENDING WITH FOOT PAIN. This was the "sour note." I had 2.25 miles a bit faster in the middle of this (with half mile split of 3:09, 3:02, 3:07, 2:58, and 1:28 [0.25 miles] which averaged 6:06 pace). I had PLANNED on going around 8.5 miles, which wouldn't have been out of the ordinary. But shortly after mile 5, I had some quick pain show up on the top of my left foot. It felt like my foot bulged out from the top and was rubbing on the inside of my shoe. I figured it would go away, but it didn't. I cut the run short at under 7 miles, and my foot hurt the rest of the day. I iced and heated it twice (and did that again 3 times yesterday). It actually hurts to wear shoes - I usually wear slippers or shoes around the house, and I haven't for 2 days because the top of my foot hurts inside footwear. It got better throughout the day yesterday (and felt fine during a swim), so I hope it was just a weird tendon thing that will get better with a little rest. (And that's hopeful for being able to run a 5K this weekend!)


SteveQ 11:03 AM, March 20, 2018  

Top of foot pain can be as simple as tying your shoe too tight, but can be as bad as a neuroma, needing surgery. Usually massaging the area while bending the foot and toes will take care of it in a couple of days (though something like "drop foot" - you don't have that - can take months).

MG 6:57 PM, March 20, 2018  

I was coming here to suggest the same thing as SteveQ - too tight shoes. I've had pretty similar pains after being too stubborn to fix tight shoes in the middle of races. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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