Three Things: Weekly Totals, Loony Results, and More TC 1 Mile Pics

>> Saturday, October 15, 2016

WEEKLY TOTALS: the week of Oct 3rd-9th looked great on paper for me:

- Riding with Charlie on Monday.
- 4x300s and some kick drills in the pool on Tuesday.
- A moderate run with 2x1 mile intervals/fartleks in the middle on Wednesday (they weren't done too fast because I didn't want to go too hard 10 days before my first race in many months: 6:26 and 6:22).
- Core work Thursday.
- 5x200 in the pool, and an easy run along the river on Friday.
- Core on Saturday.
- Biking around to cheer on Mama at the TC Marathon and an easy "long" run on Sunday.

Nothing that week was done really HARD, so it didn't really feel like "training," but it felt like a nice week of workouts! And Friday and Sunday were both "2-a-days." Nice.

LOONY RESULTS: you might remember that the won the Loony Challenge 2 years ago (TC 10K and 5K on Saturday, TC 10 Mile on Sunday), and I came in 3rd last year just a few seconds behind race buddy Evan in 2nd. Evan sent me a note after this year's Loony Challenge, so I had to look at the results:

- In 2014 when I won it, I finished those 3 races in 1:59:00 and had a 7+ min lead on 2nd.
- In 2015 when I got 3rd, I finished in 2:00:32, just 0:17 behind Evan, and 7+ min behind 1st.
- This year, the winner was 2:09:45, and I think Evan was bummed he didn't race the series.

I really enjoyed racing that mini-series twice, but I was happy I didn't this year. First of all, I'm just coming back from an injury and that would have KILLED me. And secondly, it just takes a toll on my body. I'm not suited for 3 races in 24 hours. I'm glad I've done it, but I may not do it again.

TC FAMILY MILE PICS: I posted a few TC Family Mile pics a week ago in this post, but here are 4 more of Henry:

Pre-race toothless selfie with Mama.

Running about 1/4 mile into the race.

Coming back down the hill with 1/4 mile left, with Mama behind him and Grandma cheering him on.

At the finish with his cousins!

My FIRST RACE SINCE MARCH is tomorrow! Check my tweets and/or my instagrams for updates! Full report on Monday!


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