"Dome Running" Returns to U.S. Bank Stadium!

>> Saturday, October 22, 2016

If you've been a LONG time reader, you'll remember me writing about running workouts at "Dome Running." That was when the MDRA would open up the Metrodome to runners for $1 a few nights a week to run laps around the concourse. Here's a pic of me post-intervals (from this post in Feb of 2013) that shows other runners doing laps behind me:

Rick Recker has been working with the Metropolitan Sports Commission to plan things out for the new U.S. Bank Stadium that was built on the site of the Metrodome. And it seemed promising, because 2 days ago he posted this on Facebook:

Rick's caption: "Yesterday, got into the stadium to certify the concourse runner's
loop. 696.63m inside path. 726.55m outside path. Photo credit: Toshie Yokoyama"

So it's a bit bigger than the Metrodome (no surprise). When I ran intervals on the inside lap of the Dome, it was over 2.5 laps for a mile. U.S. Bank Stadium would be under 2.5 laps for a mile (2.3).

YESTERDAY IT WAS ANNOUNCED THAT IT WILL BE OPEN THIS WINTER TO RUNNERS! It's a random schedule (not the Tues/Thurs regularity at the dome), and it's $3 (not $1 at the dome), and it will be capped at 250 runners each night. In a Star Tribune article, Rick seemed understanding about the limited schedule: "I’m not concerned with it the first year or second year, but I’ll work toward a consistent schedule." We'll have to try it this winter!

If you want a real flash back, here's a link with photos from the LAST ceremonial lap around the Metrodome back in December of 2013, and here are a few more photos (and a video of baby Henry) at that same event. Good memories in that place!

Pharmie and TINY Henry at the last Dome Running ever
(from the first of the 2 links above).


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