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>> Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Three things:

First: Rose, our team founder/captain, snapped this photo at the start of Sunday's race:

This image makes the 32 teams on the trail seem a BIT more crowded, even though we spread out pretty quick. If we zoom in, there are 2 interesting things I'd like to note:

You can still see the haze from the starter's pistol in the air, and the guy making the weird face next to me from my race report seems to be making the weird face because he was trying to sneak between me and a teammate of his (unbeknownst to me).

Second: I went back to Robert at Element Wellness Group for a post-race tune up last night:

Gym shorts and a button up dress shirt are a good combo. Shut up.

The last few times I've seen him, he's done some "trigger point" based acupuncture in my legs, and that has helped loosen things up. (For the next 12-18 hours, my legs have an ache like I just had a deep massage.) And he's been trying more e-stem on my lower back (electrical current hooked up to 2 needles) to try to get some relief from my lower back pain.

Third: My legs post-race felt pretty good - about how I figured they'd feel. During the race and the evening after the race, everything felt totally fine. The next afternoon, the ache I get in the lower inside of my right leg (where they thought I had a stress fracture months ago) was a bit stronger than it had been in recent weeks, but it sure wasn't any sort of set-back or anything. Two days post-race, my lower back ached a bit more, but that's just something I've been told I'll be feeling for the rest of my life. And I'm used to that. And finally, this morning (3 days post-race) I went for my first post-race run: 3 easy miles. My calves were a bit tight, but my lower leg felt normal. (Well, "normal" as in how it's felt for the last 2 months.)

Here was my full race report from Monday if you missed it. So (KNOCK ON WOOD) everything seems to be a "go" for Rocky's Run 6K in just over 2 weeks!


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