Superheroes at Mama's 16th Twin Cities Marathon!

>> Monday, October 10, 2016

That's right. My amazing wife finished her 16th TC Marathon in 17 years yesterday! (She's only missed 2013 when she was pregnant with Charlie, and she did her 20+ mile training run that year, so she COULD have done the marathon. That was the only year she's missed since 2000.)

The boys and I biked to see her at 5 different spots to cheer her on in the last half of the race. Here was our route (along with our 5 stops):

Here are a bunch of pics from the day:

I Instagrammed this along with the caption:
"Mild vulgarity + superheroes = the best way to cheer for the #tcmarathon."

Waiting for Mama around mile 15.

Henry got LOTS of high fives!


A kiss before running off.

Loaded up to go to the next stop. It was in the upper 30s
at the race start, and around 42 degrees here.

Catching up to Mama in the pink.

Lots of runners around mile 17.

Mama again at stop #2!


Both boys were tired. We had to simply bike over the Lake/Marshall Bridge to see Mama at the next spot, but we had about 40 minutes to do it. So I just biked around the Desnoyer Park neighborhood of St. Paul as the boys passed out. (Note miles 6-9 on the map above.) When we pulled into stop #3, this was the scene behind me:

I let the boys nap as I cheered Mama on!

In the pink right in the middle, heading under the Lake/Marshall Bridge around mile 21.

In transit: stopped at a stoplight. They were both dead to the world.

At stop #4, they were STILL asleep. This was near Fairview on Summit Ave.

Mama running off past mile 22 with new race buddy Sarah.

The boys woke up before I got back on my bike at stop #4, and we had a longer ride towards
the Cathedral to see Mama go by with less than a half mile left. We cheered here for a while.

LOTS more high fives. Henry LOVED it...

... but Charlie was kinda done with this whole cheering thing.

Mama again!

Mama running off to her 4:30 finish! Congrats Mama!

Another Instagrammed pic from post-race.

We had to stop at the grocery store to get some last-minute ingredients
for cooking last night, and I also treated the boys to a cookie.

Oh, and I was wearing some new tights so Mama could find us easily. :)

So CONGRATS to my lovely wife on her 16th TC Marathon and 18th Marathon (not counting an ultra marathon and 2 Ironman marathons). Back with thoughts on MY race this upcoming weekend shortly, and maybe a few more pics from Henry and my family running the TC Family 1 Mile 2 days ago (some initial photos in Saturday's post.)


Vicky Mathisen,  10:42 AM, October 10, 2016  

I don't know you, I saw your kiddos along the race...and gave them a few high fives! Their costumes made me smile each time! Way to go boys! You make a lot of runners' day! p.s. i laughed out loud at the picture of them passed out in the bike trailer!

Steve Stenzel 1:09 PM, October 10, 2016  

Yay! Thanks for the high fives Vicky!! :)

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