A Little Ride on My Tri Bike

>> Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I recently hopped on my tri bike for a little ride. For the first time since April. I've actually done it twice in the last week! Neither ride was a "training" ride, but I just wanted to make sure I could ride again.

Back in late March when I was told I had a stress reaction or stress fracture, I was told I could keep riding. So I did a lot of trainer rides. When I got an MRI on my leg that showed nothing was wrong with the bone, I was told it was a lower back issue sending pain down my leg. I was told to stay off my "aggressive" tri bike to let my lower back rest/heal. Now that my lower back has been deemed "arthritic" and most likely NOT sending pain down my leg, it was time to make sure some trainer rides wouldn't hurt my back (or my lower leg for that matter). (Since this injury back in April when I was told I COULD ride, we've realized that it's a tendon/muscle issue in my lower leg that could have been made worse by riding. Holding a "flexed foot" like when pulling up during a clipped-in pedal stroke could aggravate my lower leg issue.)

My bike shoes still had my winter toe covers on them. From last winter. It's been a while.

My new bar wrap (on my old bike) started pulling away from the electrical tape
over the summer (apparently). It was nasty and sticky in those 2 spots.

Hey look! The SLIGHTEST amount of shoulder sweat after a short and easy trainer ride!

I just rode easy for 25 minutes while watching "The Price Is Right" last Thursday. And then I rode again yesterday (Tuesday) for 35 minutes - mostly easy with 3 slight efforts that lasted 2 to 2.5 minutes each. My leg and my lower back were both fine. So I hope to start making this a 1x or 2x/week thing. Starting now.


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