Athletic Totals from the Third Quarter of 2016

>> Saturday, October 29, 2016

My July, August, and September totals really show that I'm on my way BACK from an injury. Here's what they look like:

SWIM: 12,525 yards
BIKE: 114.73 miles (100% of that with my mountain bike, chariot, and boys)
RUN: 116.03 miles
STRENGTH: 57 hours 2 minutes

Weekly swim, bike, run, and strength training time from July-Sept.
(The 23 "sports" mins from the far left was a recumbent bike workout.)

This shows 2 things: (1) I started my "back-to-running" program in July, and (2) I've really been hitting strength work lately. Here's quarter 3 by DISTANCE:

Weekly swim, bike, and run distances from July-Sept.

Those graphs are a bit deceiving because it looks like I'm just REALLY starting to tally up the miles. While I AM doing more, it's still not a ton (for me). Here's a 3-month total from last year compared with these last 3 months (where these last 3 months have to be scrunched down to match the same scale):

A random "quarterly totals" graph from last year on the left, compared to the
3rd quarter of 2016 on the right. Lots of strength work right now, with less swim/bike/run.

So my strength work is going great, and everything thing else is (hopefully) on its way back. Here's to another solid 3 months of training!


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