Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Mom's Surgery

>> Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Mom had a routine check-up a few weeks ago, and something didn't look right. After another test or 2, it was determined that she had cervical cancer. Her doctor was happy it was caught during a normal check-up and that she didn't come in because she was having pain or other symptoms. They caught it early!

Well, yesterday she had surgery down in Rochester. She spent about 3 hours in surgery and another 2 in recovery. I spent about 3 hours with her last night, and then I posted this on Instagram:

"Mom's final phone call of the night was to Dad to make sure that he
picked the asparagus before going to bed. Her surgery this morning went
great and she is doing so well!! Couldn't have hoped for any better!"

She's heading home this afternoon. Rest up Mom! We love you!


Holly 12:51 AM, April 21, 2016  

Best wishes for a spectacular recovery!

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