Boot-Wearing Workouts

>> Monday, April 04, 2016

After getting outfitted in my lovely boot last Tuesday, I've had 3 decent workouts:

A week of strength training (in orange), and some "sport" workouts (in purple).

Wednesday, I hit the bike trainer for a quick 50 minute interval session with Coach Troy.

Thursday, I hit the Hamline pool between classes for an hour of aqua jogging:

From my Instagram: "62 mins of aqua jogging. Kill me now."

It actually wasn't that bad. I just made up a workout: 15 minute warm up (easy to easy/mod), then 4 x (5 mins HARD / 2.5 mins EASY), then a 15 minute cool down. It wasn't too boring.

Then you notice there's no "sport" workouts on my calendar on Friday or Saturday. I was PLANNING on doing another aqua jog and a longer trainer workout, but my body had other plans. I'll let these 2 tweets of mine explain:

Yep. From late morning on Friday through Sunday morning, things were NOT OK. In fact, if you look at my week of training at the top, you'll see that I weighed myself on Sunday and I was 159.2 lbs. That's the first time I've been under 160 lbs in the last 5 months. And it wasn't just water weight (I was drinking plenty - I just couldn't eat much).

So then on Sunday I tried to hit the pool for more aqua jogging. I wasn't sure if my stomach would be 100% OK, but it held up just fine! I did a 10 min warm up, then 40 mins of 1 min HARD / 1 min EASY, then a final 10 min cool down. Nice workout. I'll have more thoughts on aqua jogging workouts in the near future. (I asked some coaches for advice and got some good feedback that I'll share.)

Here's a boot-wearing aqua-jogging-belt-marks-on-tummy selfie post-jog:

I realize this is mainly of my crotch. You're welcome.

Sunday afternoon ended with a short cat nap. Literally:

Me, my boot, and my cats.

Hoping for a solid week of aqua jogging and trainer workouts this week! Then HOPEFULLY just 1 more week of the same with MAYBE the boot coming off next Friday. Fingers crossed.


millerb 10:06 AM, April 04, 2016  

You can also try the rowing machine if your gym has one. I used it when my lower leg was in a hard cast (shh.... don't tell my orthopedic surgeon.... )

CountryCityCindy 8:49 PM, April 12, 2016  

So, wait, did you spread your sick germs in the pool then?

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