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>> Monday, April 11, 2016

I had a nice aqua jog with a buddy from the Y on Saturday morning. Except for this:

Then, SUPPOSEDLY UNRELATED TO PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED TWEET, Saturday evening got rough. I posted this on Facebook on Sunday morning:

I deleted it just after I took that screenshot (24 minutes after being posted) because I knew I should go in and I didn't need THAT kind of detailed info on FB. Also in that time, I got 3 direct messages from friends too. Thanks everyone! My wife worked this past weekend, so I found a sitter and took off for the ER before noon. They sent me to Urgent Care, and then they sent me back to the ER. I finally got checked in and back to the room:

My pee in a cup. Someone on Instagram teased that I filled it up.
I replied with "I don't half-ass things."

Grading student projects while waiting. Lots of waiting.

I love my wife. (She works at this hospital, so that's why she was asking who was seeing me.)

After being poked by a Doc and ruling out a hernia, I went back for an ultrasound on my junk:

From my Instagram: "Just had an ultrasound on my testes. It's been a weird day."

The ultrasound nurse needed to go check to see if radiology needed more images. So this
is a selfie with my man-bits covered in ultrasound goo as I waited for her to come back.

Blue ultrasound goo all over the towels after LOTS of wiping down.

Another FB post...

... and a comment on that previous thread.

Back in the waiting room to wait to talk with the Doc again, and I COULDN'T
TURN THE TV FROM MALE FIGURE SKATING. I tried. Twice. Super annoying.

So no torsion, no abnormal growth, no hernia, no infection, nothing twisted or pinched or causing blood flow issues. Officially, they're saying it's hydrocele, like baby boys commonly get: some liquid around "righty." I don't know if I fully buy that (would that cause sharp pain out of nowhere?), but they ruled out all the bad stuff that could make me lose a nut. And now that I know I won't be known as "cranky ole' 1-nut Stenzel" in 60 years, I'm OK with a little pain for a few days. I have no restrictions: I can bike, lift, do core work, etc. We'll see how this goes.

Back with more tomorrow that will NOT be all about my manhood. I promise.


SteveQ 10:55 AM, April 11, 2016  

I've had exactly the same problem, including hydrocele, and eventually figured out the problem in my case was referred pain from the sciatic nerve, which turns out to have one branch that goes to the testicle. Exercise caused swelling of the piriformis muscle, which pressed the nerve against the pelvic bone (and long periods of sitting made it worse). Even moving my wallet to another pocket helped a little!

Carolina John 9:54 PM, April 11, 2016  

I, too, have also had an ultrasound done on the testiculars. It seems like it is exactly as uncomfortable as I remember. At least you had a female tech.

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