More Securian Photos and the Winter Run Mugs

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Local photographer Wayne Kryduba (who shoots many photos for the MDRA) posted some photos from the Securian Run. Here are a few photos of his images I want to share:

Start of the half with the "mascot" leading us out. I'd be somewhere right under the arch.

Sweet race signs.

After making the final turn, it was 1 block to the finish!

The Securian mascot, and the Winter Run bear.

I mean no offense, but this runner must not be from the area. It was a beautiful
32 degree winter morning in MN - FAR too warm to only have your eyes showing.

The winner of the half. He had a major lead at the turn-around that he held on to.

The pack of Mill City runners that I noted in my race report who
finished 2nd through 7th (passing a 10K runner on the left).

The shirts.

Oh, and that photo of the shirt design reminds me of the best part about doing the Securian Run: the mugs! This was my 6th Securian Half, and here's my mug collection:

2008-2011, and then 2016 on the right.
(Yes, the logo and any design on the 3rd mug has totally worn off.)

The first year I did it (my FIRST half), the mugs had a built-in spoon.

2011, 2012, and 2016. The flare at the edge of this year's cup is a nice detail.
It fits my mouth nicely when chugging J├Ągermeister drinking tea.

Finally, that frozen face photo of me that was making its rounds appeared on the Securian Run Facebook page. (That photo was first part of a SlowTwitch article, and then was talked about on CCO's website and in a radio spot.) I got an email from the Securian people asking if they could post it, and then this appeared in the week leading up to the race:

Here's my race report if you missed it! Back with some training updates soon - another half marathon is just 10 days away!


T 2:19 PM, February 10, 2016  

i really like that race shirt this year. (and yes, i'm almost at the point where i do races solely for the medal/shirt ...)

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