My Son Doesn't Like It When I Do 25Ks

>> Saturday, February 27, 2016

In 2012, I did the City of Lakes 25K as part of the MDRA "Grand Prix" series. When I got home from the race, 15-month-old Henry had a fever. Here are 2 photos of him from the end of my race report:

Not a normal photo of baby Henry!

He laid like this (between my compression-socks-laden-legs) for nearly 10 minutes!
Poor dude!

Last weekend, I did the "Half Fast" Half Marathon that turned into a 25K because of a missed turn. The next day, this happened:

This was the Facebook caption: "Henry barely got out of the car after getting groceries today before throwing up on the back steps. (Seriously, 20 seconds earlier and it would have happened in my car.) Immediately after throwing up again in a bucket in the house 10 minutes later, he smiled with snot, puke, and drool still rolling down his face and exclaimed "WHOA! That was a LOT of barf!" Such a boy. Feel better, buddy."

That night, we ended up in the ER:

Caption: "After Henry didn't want to get up after a 4+ hour nap (after throwing up
twice this afternoon - see previous photo), we knew something was wrong.
He had a fever too. Looking for answers."

In the ER, they gave him a strep test, had him pee in a cup (notice Charlie reaching up for the specimen cup in the photo above), and did an ultrasound of his tummy to check on his appendix and intestines. Strep test was negative, no infections in the pee, and everything inside turned out OK. He would still be doubled over and crying in pain at times though. The working theory is just bad constipation.

We gave him some laxatives 2 times on Sun, and once on Mon. I got him out Monday morning (RISKY BECAUSE OF THE LAXATIVES) and we ran around Como Zoo to see if that would help perk him up:

Caption: "Henry's tummy still hurts off-and-on. We think it's a constipation issue.
I may be 'delivering' my first suppository this afternoon. In the meantime, the 3 of us
ran around the zoo for 90 minutes. Charlie wasn't sure what to think of the gorillas."

That afternoon (Monday), he finally pooped. It was diarrhea, but he was giggling as he pooped because his tummy felt so much better from the release! His tummy still hurt after that. He LOVES preschool, but didn't want to go on Tuesday. Mama took him to see the pediatrician on Tuesday night just to make sure things were OK.

Now, nearly a week later, he STILL complains about tummy pain now-and-then, but the Doc thinks everything is still just working itself back to normal.

So Henry can be my excuse: I'm not going to do any 25Ks in the near future because I'm worried about Henry's safety. We have a clear track record. :)


herbert 6:07 AM, March 09, 2016  

Oh poor old chap...I suppose he hadn't possibly helped himself to some of daddy's race nutrition gubbins had he? Or maybe been holding on too long while watching the race so as not to miss something or maybe to avoid using a certain loo?

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