'Half Fast' Race Giveaway Winner

>> Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Time to pick a winner for February 20th's "Half Fast" Half Marathon/10K/5K put on by TriFitness in White Bear Lake. (Here was the original post about the giveaway.)

I had some family and friends in this giveaway, and being I didn't want to be called a cheater (in case any of them won), I picked the winner while filming a video:

Direct link: https://youtu.be/J7n4xMU9MYQ

KATIE M is the winner! Congrats Katie!

If you didn't win and still want to race, register now! Right now, the half is $50, the 10K is $40, and the 5K is $35. After 2/6, all prices go up by $10. So REGISTER NOW!

My first run after last weekend's half marathon will be tomorrow, but I'm expecting my legs to be fine. I saw Dr. Folske 2 days post-race to have him work out any kinks:

Instagram caption: "Sharing a snack at the chiropractors while daddy gets fixed.
There was a lot of screaming from Charlie during my appt. #SorryDoc"

(I had to leave another comment after reading my caption: "I MAYBE SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID 'GETTING FIXED.' I STILL HAVE PROPERLY WORKING GENITALIA." Oops.)

I'm planning on running the "Half Fast" Half Marathon in 2.5 weeks, and we'll see if I can break my time from this past weekend. If I "race" it properly, I should be able to. Katie M, I'll see you there! And everyone else can check it out here and register to race with us! Thanks Tri Fitness!!


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