Henry Racing at the TC Kids Fieldhouse Fun Run

>> Saturday, February 06, 2016

Twin Cities in Motion hosted the TC Kids Fieldhouse Fun Run at the University of Minnesota Fieldhouse this morning. (It's the same track where I just raced the Meet of the Miles indoor track meet.) Henry and Mama did the "4-year-old half mile" together. Here are a few pics:

Getting changed and ready to run.

Race number being pinned to Henry's back. Notice Charlie is (appropriately) in his track suit.

Pre-race pee.

All ready to go!

Doing some warm-ups around other kids.

Watching an opening wave.

Pre-race warm-ups were lead by runners from Team USA Minnesota.

Stretch it out.

A selfie with Mama before they started!

The group right before Henry's wave.

Henry finishing up his first lap! (Of 4.)

On the backstretch on lap 2.

Big smiles towards me and Charlie finishing lap 2.

Starting lap 3.

A walk break to end lap 3.

Off and running again! ONE MORE LAP!

Henry maybe needed to Body Glide before the race. There were some "itchy moments."

Sprinting to the finish!

Crossing the finish line! He did a half mile in about 7:15.

Sharing a post-race snack with his brother.

Thanks for the fun race, TC in Motion!


SteveQ 12:19 PM, February 07, 2016  

Caption for the last photo: I'd have had him, if I hadn't pulled a hammy in the final sprint.

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