Ironman Wisconsin Proposal

>> Monday, September 08, 2014

Yesterday was Ironman Wisconsin, and a lot of Minnesota athletes KILLED it out there. Congrats everyone! I have to share 2 photos that BFF Devon posted on Facebook yesterday, along with his captions:

"This guy proposed on the helix at Ironman Wisconsin right after the swim
and before the bike. You know, like normal people do."

"The guy who proposed on the helix knew the classy thing to do is racing in a tux.
Plus riding a QR is always a classy choice."

Awesome. I tried to look up his results, but I can't quite make out his number.

In related "found-on-Facebook Ironman Wisconsin news," my race buddy Pattie posted this as she was cheering out on the bike course:

"And then this happened..."

And in totally UNRELATED "found-on-Facebook news," why have I NEVER thought about cleaning dirty mountain bikes like Tom and April do? This is genius:


Shinianen 9:36 AM, September 08, 2014  

In the Verona Village area during WI Ironman 2014 (bike mile 56/95) - there was a youth wrestling team hosting a food stand. When I noticed a footnote on their sign, I couldn't resist... 5 push ups for $1 from a 6 year old. Fantastic investment, even if he did give me an f-u look at the end. ;-)

Steve Stenzel 12:17 PM, September 08, 2014  

Ha Shinianen, that's great!!!

Honey Bear 9:47 PM, September 08, 2014  

Look up the guy: that's my buddy John Atchinson :D

Samantha Kirkham 9:54 PM, September 08, 2014  
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@kellyziegner 9:19 PM, September 13, 2014  

Ha! Just got home from a very muddy mountain bike race and told my husband "leave the bike on the car, I'll take it to the U-Wash in the morning!"

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