Friday Funny 799: Douchebag Merit Badges (and funny links)

>> Friday, September 26, 2014

Usually, I post my favorite links every 2 weeks or so from my tumblr page, but today I'll show my personal TOP 10 FAVORITE POSTS from the last few weeks:

Top 10 Athletic-Related Things:

#10: Why I run.

#9: Dreams.

#8: I've accomplished this "to do" list.

#7: What I THINK I look like when running.

#6: This is awesome: a CC runner with her guide.

#5: Seems like a good reason to volunteer at a Tough Mudder race.

#4: Triathlon.

#3: Sign me up for this kind of race.

#2: Fitness? More like...

#1: Running now vs in the 90s.

Top 10 Non-Athletic Things:

#10: Not a sight you want to see when you're trying to potty train your kid.

#9: Failed pick-up line. Twice.

#8: Drinking alone.

#7: Technically, this is probably good sex advice.

#6: Trust me... I'm an engineer.

#5: What do you wear to bed.

#4: Solid, liquid, gas.

#3: My autobiography.

#2: [GIFs] Bad lip readings of Harry Potter.

#1: Why you should date a nurse.

If you haven't enter the ALS Superhero 5K/10K race entry giveaway, CLICK HERE to enter. I'll randomly pick a winner tomorrow and post it tomorrow or Sunday.

Next week, I'll be posting about the "new" TC 10 Mile course, along with my predictions/goals for the "Loony Challenge" next weekend (the 10K and 5K on Saturday, and then the 10 Mile on Sunday). Check back for that!

And as always, swing by for funnies all week long. Happy weekend!!


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