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>> Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My "race buddy" Jen has been busy. She's the tri-state (ND, SD, and MN) director of the ALS Association. The "ice bucket challenge" took them by surprise - it sounds like they've been thrilled with the response!

Here are 2 photos of Jen from last year's blog post about my wife doing the Trinona Triathlon:

Jen and Dave (the race director).

Jen on the mic sending off a wave of racers.

Jen raced with me at the Waconia Triathlon this summer, and did her first half iron-distance tri just after that!

Anyway, Jen and the ALS Association are putting on the ALS Superhero Dash in a few weeks. She gave me an entry, and would like me to give one away to a reader as well! The race is at Lake Phalen in St. Paul, and it has a 5K and 10K distance. The race is Saturday, October 11th.

I'm not sure which distance I'm doing now because I'd like to race it with one of my boys in the stroller. So as race day draws near, I'll be weighing these issues as I decide between the 10K and 5K:

- Are my legs still fried from the TC Loony Challenge (the weekend before)?
- Is it cold or rainy?
- Which son do I want to race with?

I don't want to take my 4-month-old out for a 10K if it's too chilly, but my 3-year-old would be fine bundling up a bit more. So I'll have to weigh all these options as I figure out which race to do. FYI: last year, they had 343 runners in the 5K and 134 in the 10K, and they raised $62,000 for ALS research (and that money supports their programs and services that directly help people with ALS in MN/ND/SD)!

I'VE BEEN ASKED TO GIVEAWAY A 5K or 10K ENTRY TO A LOCAL RUNNER! So if you want to race with me and one of my boys (hopefully) on Oct 11, read on...

If anyone is interested in racing a 10K or 5K in St. Paul on Oct 11 at 10 a.m., just leave a comment! (Make sure to leave a way for me to contact you: email, blogger name, twitter handle, etc.) I'd love to see you there! The race is at Lake Phalen Regional Park in St. Paul.

So comment now, and check back this weekend (Sept 27 or 28) to see if you were picked as the winner. Then you've got 2 weeks of training before the big race! :)

Check out more info on the "ALS Superhero Dash" website. Thanks everyone!

p.s. Here's an album of 1,100 photos from last year's race. Here are a few photos from that album, and they let you know it's a pretty low-key "fun run:"

I didn't edit this - this is what the race photographer did to it.

A Bat-Dad and a stroller finishing their lap around the lake. This will hopefully be me
this year! (I think I need some "Father/Son" and/or "Stroller/Runner" costume ideas...)

So COMMENT NOW if you want to be entered to race this 5K or 10K for free! And find out more on the "ALS Superhero Dash" website.


Shinianen 8:31 AM, September 24, 2014  

Oooh, that sounds fun. Choose me!

You can contact me via my blog, or just announce if I win here... I read your blog pretty much every day.


Travis 9:22 AM, September 24, 2014  

I'd be down! travisjearley.blogspot.com

roughkat 9:35 AM, September 24, 2014  

Sounds fun. I would probably also be pushing a stroller.

SteveQ 12:07 PM, September 24, 2014  

Well, I'll be there anyway, since it's my back yard - and if I'm competing, I wouldn't be able to complain about yet another race interfering with my run!

Tap 2:02 PM, September 24, 2014  

Right in my neighborhood!
Sounds fun!
Amanda, arkutzke@gmail.com

Joe 5:25 PM, September 24, 2014  

Entry! I could use more races!

Unknown 7:06 AM, September 25, 2014  

Is the question 'Which son do I want to race with?' your equivalent of which one do you love more?

I'd love to, but don't pick me, I wouldn't be able to make it to St. Paul.

SteveQ 11:50 AM, September 25, 2014  

Oops. I'm out. But I'll probably be there snapping photos.

Doc 7:56 AM, September 26, 2014  

I'd come up to the cities for this one! fmmann1 at geeeeemaaaaailll dot com

Rachel Elizabeth 8:13 PM, September 26, 2014  

I'd love to race this fall! I have only done one race this whole year, back in March....so strange!

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