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>> Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Instagrammed this photo Tuesday along with the caption "Henry had the entire pool to himself!!"

After we swam for a bit together, I dropped him off at "Kids Care" so I could aqua jog for 30 minutes. Oh joy. So much fun. I did 3 5:00 intervals of hard "running." Good news: it didn't hurt my injured back / leg. I took off my "floaty belt" near the end of my 2nd interval because I wasn't working too hard. But it hurt my back a bit, and it got a little TOO hard, so I put it back on for the final one.

Here's a shot post-aqua jogging that shows some slightly red irritation on my torso from the floaty belt:

Jeez, I hope I can run again soon... this aqua jogging stuff stinks.

p.s. I posted some fun / interesting photo-related links on my Photo Blog. Check them out.


Unknown 9:48 PM, September 21, 2013  

I will pool run with you!! In the 5 days I have before surgery. Or the month or so/year/life post-op.

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