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>> Thursday, September 12, 2013

We're in the middle of a big project. We're taking down our garage to build one with an office/storage space above it. There were a ton a problems with our old garage, and the first 3 courses of it's block foundation were pulled down easily by hand. Yeah, that's not supposed to happen.

Here are 7 photos from the last 48 hours:

First "skylight" in the old roof.

View from my neighbor's yard. I spent all day Tuesday cutting
that pile of brush out of the chain link fence and then taking down that nasty fence.

Not much left...


That one remaining wall section with the fuse box was still providing
electricity through the conduit sloping down to the left. OSHA approved, I'm sure.

Henry (LOVIN' life!) in the bucket in my garage stall.
The skid loader in the background is where my wife usually parks.

Henry and I are going to get to watch the backhoe dig down another 4 feet today for the foundation of our new structure. Concrete should be in early next week. Right now, our backyard is a big dirt pile!

UPDATE: Here's a photo of Henry (and Kermit) watching the action this morning!

And I just finished up with some foundation work around our house that I started in late July. I pressure washed our entire foundation, patched loose areas with vinyl concrete mix, used a lot of caulk in areas, primed and painted everything.

Pressure-washed. F'ing mess.


Crack between foundation and sidewalk patched.

Primed and painted. Done.

Front steps pressure-washed.

Patching issues all over.


I still have just a BIT to do in the back corner of our house where I had to do more concrete work, but hopefully I can get that ALL wrapped up this weekend.


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