Friday Funny 590: "1980s Problems"

>> Friday, September 27, 2013

Here are 12 "First World Problems" from the 1980s from HappyPlace:

I've experienced all of those except for the LA Lights and the TrapperKeeper ones... I was never cool enough for either of those. (I'm still not.)

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Anonymous,  9:19 AM, September 27, 2013  

1. bought pack of garbage pail kids, and already have them all.

2. 2 out of the 8 zippers on my parachute pants are stuck.

3. You have died of dysentery.

4. Hit one to many B's and had to start the cheat code for Contra all over again.

Justin 10:04 AM, September 27, 2013  

Ok, you got us going at work today Steve...

asked for WWF action figures... got WCW

signed up for karate class, they didn't teach me the crane kick

talked my mom into buying me the def leopard tape at the store.... Dad took it away when we got home

mom threw away my best prono mag

Ripped holes in my jeans to be cool... Mom ironed patches over the holes

went to France, didn't visit the place where the nekked ladies dance

Wanted a shirt with either Spuds Mackenzie on it, or Joe Camel... Mom said no

my boombox ate my tape!

only one tape deck in my boombox... can't high-speed dub

Commercial came on, had to get up to change the channel.

TV knob broke, had to use pliers

The cable guy isn't coming till next week to fix the snow on the tv

pinched my finger on the rotary phone dial

Showed up for my date and the peg came out of my pants leg

The penny fell out of my loafer

Read 5 books over the summer, didn't qualify for my free pizza

Got all D's on my report card, didn't get any free tokens at Chuck-E-Cheese

Wanted a transformer for my birthday, mom bought me a go-bot

John,  10:09 AM, September 27, 2013  

Took a picture and hurt my hand shaking it

John,  10:18 AM, September 27, 2013  

-Was doing a Pepsi commercial and my hair caught on fire!

My watch broke only have 2 swatches on my arm now.

TriMOEngr 11:43 AM, September 27, 2013  

Super funny - thanks for sharing. Saw a pic on FB the other day of a pencil and a cassette tape and was told to "Like" if I knew why they went together. Haven't all of us who "get" this page of jokes had to fix a cassette that way? LOL

Steve Stenzel 12:26 PM, September 27, 2013  

Ha! THESE ARE GREAT EVERYONE!! I might have to do a follow-up next Friday with these comments! Love it!

Justin 10:07 PM, September 27, 2013  

Was brainwashed to just say no to drugs... Never really got a chance to think about it first

Was told only I can prevent forest fires... Gave myself an ulcer from all the pressure

I hate the Russians... Not really sure why

I'm not sure if I'll ever get to go to Spacecamp

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