How to Get Fat During the Off-Seasons: Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

>> Monday, September 23, 2013

Yesterday, we went down to Mankato to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. The grandkids all got a pumpkin from my Mom's garden:

We went out to eat, then went out for ice cream, and then Pharmie, Henry, and I headed back to the Cities along Hwy 169. We were going to make 1 stop on the way back if Henry was still doing well on the long car ride and if it was still open...

Sure enough, "Minnesota's Largest Candy Store" was still open! They don't have posted hours and they don't have a website, so it's always just a guess.

One side of their sign...

... and the other.

Henry was in AWE before we went in!!

FULL of candy!

This is at the other end looking back towards the door.

The bacon section along with what parts of the pig make what bacon items.

They had an entire aisle of "fun" gum.

I wanted to get this gum to give to my pro triathlete frenemy Devon Palmer.

But one of the main reasons I wanted to stop was because they have 191 different kinds of root beer. Here's their soda selection:

A couple of cold cases.

More sodas...

... more sodas...

... and more sodas. These are all root beers. (And there's meat in the foreground.)

On our way out as Henry finishes off his candy.

Henry in the pumpkins.

The entire store. The closest flat-roofed section was added this past year
because that wasn't there last year when we stopped!

We talked with someone inside, and they said their hours are 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. all week long until December 1st. But she grinned and said "tonight we're open until 9." We stopped at 7:40, and I'm assuming she meant that if there are still people around, they'll stay open.

I picked up some candy and 10 different bottles of root beer that I'll be posting about soon on my root beer blog (along with photos of the candy we got). Check that out shortly. Have a good week!

UPDATE: Here's the link to my post about this on my Root Beer Blog. Check out the photos of the root beer and candy I bought (and the pics are bigger on that blog too...).


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