Half Ironman Triathlon TOMORROW!

>> Saturday, September 07, 2013

No, no, no... I'm not doing a half ironman myself on my 10,000 yds of swimming, 180 miles of biking, and 185 miles of running over the last 2 months.

But I am doing my first triathlon relay EVER! It will be at the Square Lake Half Iron Distance Triathlon on the hills out by Stillwater. I have a speedy swimmer friend who has a speedy biker friend who thinks I could be their speedy runner friend. We have a few specific goals for tomorrow's race, but I can't share them just yet - these guys have sworn me to secrecy until race morning! So keep an eye on my twitter and my instagram for up-to-the-minute updates tomorrow!

On the injury front, I went on a 3 mile "test run" with Henry on Thursday morning. (Remember, 10 days ago on Wednesday I had some horrible foot pain at the end of a 12 miler. I tried some easy running 4 days later, and it hurt after 0.25 miles, so I stopped after 0.5 miles. This run on Thursday was my next run after that.) And everything felt JUST FINE during those 3 miles! YAHOOOOOO!!! I'm still expecting to be in pain by the end of 13.1 hilly miles, but it was comforting to know that I (hopefully) won't be in pain RIGHT away. The doc told me I can run through pain and not hurt anything at this point. So the thought of running "for the team" should help get me through at least SOME of the pain.

So if all goes as planned, I probably won't have many running "workouts" this month - I'll just be racing and then letting my foot rest between races. (And letting my knee rest - I've had some soreness inside my right knee for the last few days.) I have the 70.3 relay this weekend, a possible duathlon relay with Devon in 2 weeks, and the TC 10 Mile with my wife's family 2 weeks after that in early October.

Wish me luck tomorrow!! Watch my twitter and my instagram for updates! Check back Monday for a race report.


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