Man Date and Fartleks

>> Monday, February 04, 2013

My brother-in-law, Dave, and I had a GREAT "man date" on Saturday night.

Here are 2 clues as to where we went:

First, we were WELL BELOW the average age while waiting in line outside the theatre:

Second, we both wore our red shoes:

We waited for the curtain to rise....

... so we could see Garrison Keillor in the 1,349th "A Prairie Home Companion" radio show!

Dave and I had been huge fans for years, but our wives don't really care for the show. So his wife (my sister) and Pharmie stayed at our place with the 3 kids while Dave and I took in the show. I think Dave and I had a smile on our face for 2 hours straight - we had a great time seeing the show!

Great fun watching Fred Newman (the "sound effects" guy) to the far left.

During his "Lake Wobegon" skit.

It was amazing to watch Garrison work during his 10 minute Lake Wobegon bit. Look at that photo above - there was no script. He just paced around that red stool and told stories. I don't know if he just memorizes everything (I doubt it), or if he's just SO GOOD that he can have the gist of a story in his head and just ad-lib it as he goes. What a story teller!

This is why Dave and I wore our red shoes... ;)

The 3 levels of the Fitzgerald Theatre with Garrison and Topsy Chapman singing
on stage as the show was winding down.

It was great music and a fun time! Dave and I might have to go again sometime!

Then, on Sunday, Pharmie and I both got in a nice run. She went in the late-morning with a friend while I put Henry down for a nap. Then I went while he was still sleeping after Pharmie got back. I ran 8+ miles with the middle 3 as fartleks. I warmed up for 2 miles, and then I did 3:00 hard, 1:30 easy, 2 h, 1 e, 4 h, 2 e, 1 h, 0:30 e, and 5 h. (Basically 50% "easy" running time after the duration of "hard" running.) That took me just barely over 3 miles (in 6:25, 6:44, and 6:38). When I'm doing a bigger fartlek workout, I'll do 2 rounds of those.

I didn't run them SUPER hard because I think I'm heading to the Metrodome tomorrow night for some intervals, and I didn't want to kill my legs. We'll see what the Dome holds for me tomorrow night... I haven't been there for intervals in a year! It could be ugly....


Christopher Hawes 9:40 AM, February 04, 2013  

Nice. I have been to the live show a couple of times. Pretty cool to see it in person.

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